Moments that make us


How to pursue a global mission

Season 1, Ep. 2

They met in year seven and started the social enterprise Taboo before finishing high school. Now Eloise Hall and Isobel Marshall are on a shared, global mission to end the stigma around periods. 

Their story is one of friendship, and the moments within such relationships that offer the experiences, lessons and backing you need to pursue big goals and essential work

Five years into Taboo, they've also been studying and working other jobs, -- Marshall in medicine and Hall in business. But when Marshall was named Young Australian of the Year, the social enterprise took off even further.

On this episode, they tell Shivani Gopal about how it all began, the nuances of their relationship as both friends and co-founders, and why their mission is at the heart of everything they do.

They go into great depth about the lessons they've learned along the way -- including how knowing very little in business can actually be a really good thing.

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