Moments that make us


How to tap magic and build five global businesses

Season 1, Ep. 3

What do you learn after founding five very successful companies? And how do you make the most of moments -- the good and the bad -- that come your way?

We find out direct from entrepreneur Sam White, the founder and CEO of global businesses Stella Insurance, Pukka Insure, Action 365, Freedom Brokers and umbrella company Freedom Services Group.

After what she describes as an unstable childhood and a strong desire for independence, she was washing cars at the age of 14 and started her first business at the age of just 24,

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Thursday, May 12, 2022

Break your own rules

Season 1, Ep. 5
Lisa Wilkinson is one of Australia's best-known journalists and TV presenters: from Editor of Dolly Magazine (at the age of just 21) to co host of The Today Show and now co host of The Project, she's experienced numerous moments that have contributed to the incredible career she's had and is continuing. Having recently published her autobiography, It Wasn't Meant to Be Like This, we wanted to learn more about the moments that made Lisa, and what we can learn about how she's made the most of such opportunities. As she tells Shivani Gopal in this latest episode of The Moments That Made Us Podcast, much of it has come down to writing her own playbook and then breaking all of her own rules. Lisa shares more on growing up in Sydney, experiencing bullying in high school and what it was like walking into those magazine offices shortly after leaving school. She shares the "bad bosses" he became excellent teachers and how she pushed on regardless of judgment. She speaks about going to lunch with Kerry Packer -- and how a friend told her to let him try and impress her. This series is made possible thanks to the excellent support of our partner, Stella Insurance.The Moments That Make Us podcast is produced by Agenda Media, publisher of Women's Agenda. Special thanks to Allison Ho for producing the show. You can check out our other podcasts, The Women's Agenda Podcast, The Leadership Lessons and the Women's Health Project.