Midnight, On Earth


Episode 118 - Connecting with Higher Worlds & The Path of Light w/ Gary Josephson

Ep. 118
In this episode I speak with Gary Josephson, whose life story is nothing short of astounding. Gary was part of a US government program to manipulate genetics to increase psychic abilities, and developed into an amazing human being. We talk about his gifts and how they led him to various powerful situations around the world; from spiritual advisor, to exorcist, and more... Drop In!www.theevolutionofsoul.comGary Josephson Bio:Gary Josephson was born 1970 in San Fernando Valley CA to a conservative working class family. Born terminally ill, deaf, and 2 months premature, his Drs. said he would not survive and informed his parents various times to prepare for his death. Having beaten the odds and grown into early childhood, Gary did not fit in with the world he was born into.At the age of 3 Gary’s abilities “turned on” and he would have out of body experiences, would go to realms of ghosts and disembodied souls, and was overwhelmed with his ability to feel others energy around him. At the age of 8, Gary started to telepathically connect to Aliens and receive downloads from beings that felt vibrationally low and manipulative which started to attract negative government attention. His quest then became to raise his vibration and connect to higher vibrational entities.By the age of 15 he was connecting regularly to Archangel Michael who taught him the nature of physical reality, the ability to control vibration and raise consciousness with intention and purpose. It was this connection that set Gary on his path of using his abilities to help humanity. This led him to working for over 30 years as a behavioral therapist and spiritual advisor, 11 years as an exorcist, traveling the world and meeting with spiritual teachers in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa , Peru, Sri Lanka, and China. Gary’s intention in working with clients is to help them increase their awareness of and direct experience with God and overcome the things that hold them back using whatever method or modality that is appropriate for the individual. These modalities include hypnosis, behavioral modification therapy, mediumship, channeling, and energy clearing techniques. Gary believes that through self-acceptance, clarity of intention, and leaving behind that which no longer serves us, that our vibration will naturally rise leading to the evolution of the soul.

Episode 117 - The Hero's Journey w/ Joseph Campbell - Part 2

Ep. 117
In this episode, Brynn Anderson and I listen to the second part of a series of interviews with the great one, Joseph Campbell.. An interviewer, Bill Moyers, asks very significant questions that take the listener on a journey through the core concepts that Joseph Campbell is known for. In a one-on-one conversation Joseph breaks down his views on mythology and comparative religion in a humorous, intelligent way. Let's listen to the legend together!Joseph Campbell Bio:Joseph John Campbell (March 26, 1904 – October 30, 1987) was an American professor of literature at Sarah Lawrence College who worked in comparative mythology and comparative religion. His work covers many aspects of the human experience. Campbell's best-known work is his book The Hero with a Thousand Faces (1949), in which he discusses his theory of the journey of the archetypal hero shared by world mythologies, termed the monomyth.Since the publication of The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Campbell's theories have been applied by a wide variety of modern writers and artists. His philosophy has been summarized by his own often repeated phrase: "Follow your bliss." He gained recognition in Hollywood when George Lucas credited Campbell's work as influencing his Star Wars saga and more.Brynn Anderson Bio:Lifelong lover of all things nature, Brynn Anderson has been studying herbs for over 27 years...Her natural mindset has led her to a life of herbology, and a life of teaching. She operates the company 'Vital Force Herbs' an organic herbalism company based in Portland, OR.All the products Brynn creates are made with ingredients grown in her own organic garden.Brynn's service is rooted in providing an outlet for the plant spirit to assist all life on Earth.Combining both aspects of her life, herbalism and teaching, Brynn wishes to guide all humanity to a new understanding of the world around them, and the bountiful medicinal gifts of the Earth.

Episode 116 - Venus Light Technology w/ Sabrina DiNitto

Ep. 116
In this episode I welcome back Author and Teacher... Sabrina DiNitto. Sabrina and I discuss her concept of Venus Light Technology, and how she developed this understanding with the aid of advanced light beings. We also talk about how the fabric of reality is constructed of light and who the caretakers of that design are. A very advanced level of information that will push you to the height of light... Drop In!www.sabrinadinitto.com , www.enlightenmentcodes.comSabrina DiNitto Bio:Sabrina Di Nitto listens with her inner senses to the realm beyond manifestation, moving between form and formlessness. She deepened her inner knowledge of cosmic ascension and enlightenment, soul embodiment, alchemy, cosmology, spiritual psychology for self-realization, alchemical healing, Egyptian and ancient mystery, and Merkaba teachings to access the world beyond thought and form.She works as a spiritual teacher and cosmic midwife of new consciousness. She practices ascension work, multidimensional soul alignment, soul breathwork, incarnation work of divine light, inner child work, energy blueprint reading and soul embodiment. Her own Venus Light Technology is one of the new light technologies she has developed in co-creation with Creational Light Beings for the Cosmic Ascension Project.Sabrina works with adults and children to integrate the light into their hearts and bodies. She co-creates with many ascended masters and is initiated into the lineage of Thoth Hermes Trismegistus. Her innate gifts as a visionary run like a thread through her life and her work.Internationally, she travels to sacred places to activate and reveal their pristine blueprint. Sabrina holds a M.A. in Romance Literature, Linguistics and Philology. She speaks Dutch, English, French and Italian. Her workshops and trainings are given in English, French and Dutch. She lives in Flanders, Belgium, where she teaches, guides and writes.

Episode 114 - Channeled Messages from American Presidents & Our Future World w/ Gates McKibbin

Ep. 114
In this episode I speak with Metaphysician, Teacher, Author, and Channeler... Gates McKibbin. Gates and I talk about her two most recent books; 'Open Gates: Recollections of a Mystic' - her life story and 'Epic Steps: Rekindling Democracy, Unity, and Peace' - where she details the channeled messages she's received from former American Presidents: Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Dwight D. Eisenhower. We discuss what messages these Presidents have for the world today, and other insights from her NDE, communications from her deceased Father, and more... Drop In!www.lovehopegive.comGates McKibbin Bio:Gates McKibbin is a metaphysician, leader, channeler, and author of the recent books Epic Steps: Rekindling Democracy, Unity, and Peace, and Open Gates, which detail her contact with the spirits of 3 former presidents, and the other being her life story. She resided for three decades in the San Francisco Bay Area, balancing a fulfilling career and a fascinating spiritual quest. She consulted with businesses on strategic and organizational renewal, and pursued her own dynamic – and sometimes surprising – inner journey. Along the way she discovered her ability to receive messages from the other side of the veil. What began as daily journal entries providing personal guidance ended up being published as a seven-volume series addressing topics ranging from the life of the soul to direct experience of the Divine. In 2020 Gates released Epic Steps: Rekindling Democracy, Unity and Peace, featuring messages sent down by Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Dwight Eisenhower. Their wisdom is invaluable during these turbulent times – an essential guide for us all. In 2021 Gates published the Love Hope Give series, four novels about reincarnation and the enduring power of love across lifetimes. In 2022 Gates unveiled Open Gates: Recollections of a Mystic, the story of her ordinary, extraordinary life.