Midnight, On Earth

An open forum, dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge.

We ask our questions on the edge of what is known and unknown.. 

We reach into the ether and pull forth fruit..

This podcast will guide you to other realms, and bring you back home..

A nexus of energy exchange with 'next level' guests, and out of this world topics. We will venture outward, and onward, ....forward into the beyond.

Midnight, On Earth will bring you the nourishment you need, it will fulfill your desire for deeper a level of information. Metaphysics, aliens, quantum physics, conspiracies, angels, astral dimensions, ancient mysteries, modern mysteries, everything under every sun and more, the bits between the bits..

We will be there..... With a microphone.


Jake Weaver

Speaker, advisor, and life long student of the occult and unknown; our host Jake Weaver is here on behalf of the universe. For over 25 years Jake has been traveling, searching, and piecing together the great puzzles of knowledge to help his fellow humans evolve into a higher state of being. An engaging human, truly with the gift of gab, and a man on a mission. A mission to activate all beings and help us ascend to the level of success that is our birthright.