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  • 199. Episode 199 - Full Being Hydration & The Four Stages of Water w/ Gina Bria

    In this episode, I speak with incredible human and Director of the Hydration Foundation.. Gina Bria. Gina and I discuss the true meaning of hydration, which is far more than consuming standard water, and how most humans live on the edge of dehydration without even knowing it. Gina breaks down how true hydration is a combination of sunlight, movement, food consumption and more. We also talk about what water is, it's consciousness, and it's role in keeping our bodies alive. Gina also shares with us the meaning of the four stages or water, and how the recent discovery of plasma water, the fourth phase, changed our definition of hydration completely. We then talk about the traveling water museum, her book QUENCH, and strategies to replenish our mind, body, and spirit with the correct type of hydration..A riveting episode.. Drop In!www.hydrationfoundation.orgGina Bria BioGina Bria is an anthropologist and founder of the Hydration Foundation, recognized as a leading resource for hydration science and education. Named a Real World Scholar, she produced the first International Hydration Solution Summit and the TEDx talk: How to Grow Water: It’s not Only Blue: it’s Green. Bria is co-author of QUENCH: Your Five-Day Plan to Optimal Hydration, with Dr. Dana Cohen, MD, now in seven languages and recommended by the New York Times, Oprah’s O Magazine, NPR and many other media sources. At the UN Conference on Water she presented Emerging Water Science and at COP28 global Climate Conference spoke on the Role of Water in Soil for Climate Recovery. Her Rehydrate Our Thirsty Mother Earth Project was selected for the Buckminster Fuller Design Science Ten-Year Award to spread better water solutions. With her colleagues, she’s at work on a traveling Water Museum, called A Movement in Water, an immersive art and science exhibit, to raise reverence and understanding of our most precious material, and what all life is made from: water.

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  • 198. Episode 198 - Channeling Lessons from the Afterlife w/ Dr. Matthew McKay

    In this episode, I speak with Dr. Matthew McKay about his most recent book... 'Lessons form the Afterlife: A Deep Knowledge Meditation Guidebook'. This fantastic book breaks down with the journey Dr. McKay took from dealing with the tragedy of the murder of his son Jordan, to the triumph of connecting with him in the afterlife. From there, Matthew talks about the dialogues that he and his son have, which through Jordan, have outlined some of the deepest mysteries of the universe. We also talk about how the books shows the you the concept of 'Deep Knowledge Meditation', and Matt teaches us a technique on how to effectively channel! An amazing episode.. Drop in!www.seekingjordan.comDr. Mathew McKay Bio:Matthew McKay, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist, professor of psychology at the Wright Institute, founder of the Berkeley CBT Clinic, and cofounder of the Bay Area Trauma Recovery Clinic, which serves low-income clients. He has authored and co-authored more than 40 books, including Seeking Jordan, The Luminous Landscape of the Afterlife, and Love in the Time of Impermanence. He lives in Berkeley, California, the retired publisher of New Harbinger Publications.
  • 197. Episode 197 - Beyond The News - May 2024

    In this episode, we take another dive into current human culture and explore...the news!Brynn Anderson and I take a look at some of the strange, wild, and unreal stories that have popped up on Earth's news feed recently.This episode features: Faster than Light Warp Drives, Zombie Drugs Made from Human Bones, Sodium Batteries, New types of Force Being Discovered, Renegade Chinese Moon Rovers, Gun Faced Rifle Robot Dogs, and so much more!!...As we share these stories with you, we discuss some of their finer points..Listen In!Brynn Anderson Bio:Life long lover of all things nature, Brynn Anderson has been studying herbs for over 27 years...Her natural mindset has led her to a life of herbology, and a life of teaching. She operates the company 'Vital Force Herbs' an organic herbalism company based in Portland, OR.All the products Brynn creates are made with ingredients grown in her own organic garden.Brynn's service is rooted in providing an outlet for the plant spirit to assist all life on
  • 196. Episode 196 - Cracking the Shakespeare Code w/ Alan Green

    In this episode I speak with author, musician, and host of the Gaia Channel series ‘Shakespeare Decoded’…Alan Green. Alan and I talk about his journey from a professional musician to becoming the first person in 400 years to decipher one of history’s greatest mysteries. This code developed by the man known as Shakespeare and the occultist John Dee, is hidden within all of the writings of Shakespeare, and point to a fantastic secret that has been hidden all of this time. A secret that when unlocked could reveal one of the greatest archaeological and historical discoveries of this era. Alan and I have an amazing discussion breaking down what this code is, it’s history, and what this means for the future of humanity.. Join us!!!www.tobeornottobe.orgAlan Green Bio:Alan Green is a British-born pianist, composer, author and Shakespeare scholar. His former life in the music business (top thirty artist in the 80’s with CBS and Arista records; author of award-winning books on The Monkees; and musical director for Davy Jones) seems at odds with his current incarnation as a documentarian of ancient wisdom but his extensive musical training in classical and jazz disciplines has ideally prepared him to recognize deeply embedded patterns that orthodox academics have missed.Alan has spent the last 19 years devoted to deciphering a stunning web of codes hidden within the Shakespeare works which finally solves history’s most persistent cover-up. He’s the only person, in four hundred years, to have deciphered the codes that tell the whole story of who Shakespeare was and the scandalous royal secret that necessitated the cover-up. More than that, he’s identified the actual location where the author himself says he left physical evidence… and then pulled off the daring heist necessary to secure incontrovertible scientific proof in the form of a radar scan.Through Alan’s online Bard Code presentations and his new Gaia TV series, Shakespeare Decoded, we’re finally able to glimpse a previously unsuspected aspect of the world’s most popular and influential writer. One so far-reaching it will create a paradigm shift in how we study literature, history, religion, science, and many other disciplines.
  • 195. Episode 195 - Understanding and Developing the Mind-Body Relationship w/ Manly P. Hall

    In this episode, I welcome back guest co-host Brynn Anderson as we listen to an incredible lecture from the great Manly P. Hall. This lecture takes a deep dive into the mind - body relationship, as Manly breaks down what the role of the body is in a person's spiritual development. He also talks about the various things in modern society like media, that prey on the bodies vital forces, and how we can become aware of this and avoid it's pitfalls. Manly continues as he talks about the need for a balanced relationship with the being that is working so hard to keep you here and so much more! Brynn and I listen with you and we reconvene after the lecture.. Drop In!This lecture is from - 12/13/1981 - PRS - Los Angeles, CAwww.prs.orgManly P. Hall Bio:Manly Palmer Hall (March 18, 1901 – August 29, 1990) was a Canadian-born scholar and philosopher. Well known for his 1928 encyclopedic outline of symbolical philosophy The Secret Teachings of All Ages, he authored dozens of books and hundreds of essays and gave thousands of lectures in Los Angeles and throughout the world. Mr. Hall founded the Philosophical Research Society (PRS) in 1934 and was its first president, remaining so until his death in 1990.Mr. Hall was a seeker and lover of wisdom, and the very definition of a philosopher. He lived a unique and profound life that centered on his search for meaning in the world’s wisdom traditions. An autodidact and polymath, Hall amassed an extraordinary collection of rare books and artifacts from his extensive travels and devoted himself to the study of these works and their application to the positive development of the individual and society as a whole. He was a consummate teacher who took his deep learning and translated it into an accessible and compelling presentation to readers and listeners for seventy years. Hall attained an amazing degree of scholarship in those branches of learning that bear upon the beliefs, ideals, and convictions of humanity.Mr. Hall gave nearly seven thousand different lectures and talks and appeared on numerous radio and television stations throughout the United States. All of his lectures, many lasting two hours, were given extemporaneously and without notes. ​In addition to these activities, Manly P. Hall traveled extensively and assembled a magnificent library. PRS continues to receive visitors and letters of appreciation from all over the world for the inspiration and guidance he shared over the course of his extraordinary life, and we continue his mission to provide practical and profound wisdom to seekers at all stages of life.
  • 194. Episode 194 - Ethereal Autism & Creating the New Earth w/ Alex Marcoux, Shauna Kalicki, and Connie

    In this episode, I welcome back returning guest and author Alex Marcoux as we discuss her latest book 'Gods in the Game: Messages on the Awakening and Consciousness Shift'.. Alex brings with her two incredible women who played a pivotal role in the creation of both her books; Shauna Kilicki channer of the 16th Dimensional Collective named Cerian, and Connie the mother of the Ethereal Autist Daniel, both of whose messages are the foundation of this writing.. As we talk about the new book - which details the true role autistic people play in holding a higher frequency, helping bring in the Lemurian energies needed to form the New Earth - we dive into several different topics such as: Lemurian History, Autism Throughout Time, The Nature of the Divine, The Return of the Divine Feminine, The Power of Manifestation, Shaping the New Earth and beyond.. The talk continues with Connie sharing some recent messages for humanity from Daniel, Shauna shares messages from Cerian, and so much more!! Drop In!!www.alexmarcoux.comAlex Marcoux Bio:Alex Marcoux is a seeker of Truth and an international author of spiritual nonfiction and visionary fiction books. In her life, she has been welcomed into a world few people see: the sacred mysteries and magic of autism.When asked by three nonspeaking autistics to make known their truth, Destination New Earth: A Blueprint to 5D Consciousness and also The Unsuspected Heroes: A Visionary Fiction Novel emerged.The Unsuspected Heroes is a 2021 International Book Awards finalist in Visionary Fiction and 2021 American Book Fest Best Book Award Finalist in Visionary Fiction.
  • 193. Episode 193 - Spiritual Evolution & The Joy of Non-Judgment w/Mariya Shiyko

    In this episode I speak with teacher, mentor, and author...Mariya Shiyko. Mariya and I have a stream of consciousness discussion plugging our spiritual minds together to approach some of the highest frequency subjects.. We also talk her like growing up in Russia which she felt was stifling, until arriving in America where she was able to pursue her spiritual intuition and lean into the esoteric.. She then trained herself as a metaphysical, spiritual person to which she then began sharing her light and knowledge with others.. As we continue, we talk about humanities evolution and her thoughts and downloads related to our current world.. Drop in!www.mariyashiyko.loveMariya Shiyko Bio: Mariya Shiko is a former tenured university professor turned spiritual guide, intuitive life & business coach/mentor. She is the author of 2 books, 50+ publications, 100+ presentations, and an award-winning educator, with appearances on TV and podcasts. She teaches online, counsels, and so much more…