The MIDiA Podcast

  • 1. Introduction to Post-Pandemic Programming

    In this episode MIDiA's Keith Jopling and Mark Mulligan introduce the Post-Pandemic Programming series and what listeners can expect.
  • 2. Advertising

    Episode 2 of the Post-Pandemic Programming series focuses on the impact of the global crisis on digital advertising, and what this means for entertainment companies with Karol (games specialist), Hanna (cultural insights) and Tim (video).
  • 3. Sports & Gaming

    In episode 3, MIDiA's gaming and sports analysts, Karol and Alistair, discuss with video analyst Tim the post-pandemic and recessionary implications on their respective industries and how the propositions are evolving to meet the times.
  • 4. The Subscription Economy

    In episode 4, Keith chats with Mark, MIDiA MD and music guru, and Tim, research director and video analyst, about the future of subscriptions post-pandemic and in a potential recession.
  • 5. Culture of Consumption

    In episode 5, guest speaker David Freer of O Street and MIDiA consulting director Keith Jopling chat with cultural trends analyst Hanna Kahlert on the way the pandemic and lockdowns have shaped the cultures of business and consumption moving forward into 2021.
  • 1. Introduction to season 2: Surviving the Attention Recession

    MIDiA's music, games and cultural insights analysts (Mark Mulligan, Karol Severin and Hanna Kahlert) chat the attention recession - what it is, what to expect, and what comes next for the new era of entertainment beyond the traditional dynamics of consumption.
  • 2. The Commodification of Content

    In this episode, MIDiA's Keith Jopling, Kriss Thakrar and Srishti Das – our music & sports consulting team – discuss the cultural impacts of content becoming a commodity; what it means for strategists and creators in a post-pandemic, attention saturated, digital-first entertainment economy.
  • 3. The Fandom Factor

    MIDiA's games, music and sports analysts Karol, Mark and Srishti discuss the dynamics of identity and scarcity, the audiences of the future, and how to evolve marketing KPIs and content strategy to balance the key factors of monetisation and cultural relevance in the 'new normal'.
  • 4. Rethinking consumption context

    Our music and cross-cultural trends analysts Keith, Kriss and Hanna talk about the changing context of consumption over COVID-19, and what it means moving forward. What content succeeds? Lean-in versus lean-back? Overlapping attention versus full-on attention grabber? Private facing versus public facing? Listen on to find out...