Metal Matters


118: Walter of Roadburn

Ep. 118

We're honored to have Walter Hoeijmakers as our guest on today's show. Walter is the key creative force behind what is debatably the most important annual event in extreme music: the legendary Roadburn Festival. Every April since its inception in 1999 until the global pandemic shifted the landscape, Roadburn has hosted everything from the best contemporary heavy artists to once in a lifetime performances from living legends such as Hawkwind, Goblin and GISM. Over the years, the fest has become an integral communal event and pollination site for thousands of metalheads, punks, and heavy music lovers the world over. After the necessary cancellation of Roadburn's 2020 installment, they are back this year with Roadburn Redux; a weekend of special livestream events curated with the love and attention to detail the festival is known for. We caught up with Walter to talk about Roadburn Redux as well as his beginnings, some of the wild and unique Roadburn moments throughout the years, and the ever increasing importance of community.

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