Metal Matters


129: Max Bowman of Mortiferum, Caustic Wound

Ep. 129

Today we are joined by friend of the show and one of our favorite human beings, Max Bowman of death doom titans Mortiferum and death-grinders Caustic Wound. Max is one of those rare individuals whose approach to extreme music is all but fully subverted by his warmth. As the frontman/guitarist of Mortiferum, he has released their much lauded demo, an LP and a split with the vicious Hyperdontia (available on Carbonized Records... don't miss our interview!). And though Caustuc Wound is relatively less active, their Death Posture LP was one of the most lauded of 2020. Oddly enough, we here at Metal Matters befriended Max while he was playing guitar with the Tony Molina Band, a pop band whose extreme metal pedigree rivals many of the deepest heads in the world. We caught up with Max to talk about his roots, what it was like to make a record during the pandemic, and to rip on Molina a bunch. Stay right here!

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