Metal Matters


133: Kerry McCoy & George Clarke of Deafheaven Pt. 2

Ep. 133

This week we are again joined by Kerry McCoy and George Clarke from the band Deafheaven, in the conclusion of our two part chat with the band. Over the last decade or so, Deafheaven have become an institution of sorts that transcends well beyond their underground metal roots. Constant touring have earned them a dedicated fan base and their propensity for sonic exploration leaves them nearly impossible to shoehorn into any sort of conventional genre trappings. Their upcoming album, Infinite Granite, finds Deafheaven in new territory yet again, fully embracing their love of shoegaze and dream pop in ways the band had only hinted at before. We caught up with Kerry and George to talk about the writing process, coping with anxiety, how external influences outside of music can shape a song, and the importance of an evolving approach to their craft. Stick around!

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