Metal Matters


134: Brian Cook of Russian Circles, Sumac, Torment & Glory

Ep. 134

We're honored to have multi-instrumentalist, musician and long time favorite Brian Cook on the podcast! Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Cook first became widely known via his involvement in the highly influential Botch, who released two beloved LPs before calling it quits in 2002. From there, Cook participated in both indie rockers Roy as well as post-hardcore favorites These Arms Are Snakes, both of which called it quits in the late 00s. Cook is currently with the much beloved Russian Circles, the massive power trio Sumac and his lates project Torment and Glory, which sees Cook tackling the songs as a solo musician. We sat with Cook to discuss the early days with Botch, the current state of touring and music journalism in 2021. Stick around!

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