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The Lucep Podcast

Interview with Rob Galbraith

Season 1, Ep. 5

Rob Galbraith, CPCU, CLU, ChFC is an author, keynote speaker and a globally known insurtech thought leader who has been part of the financial services industry for over 20 years. In this episode, we have 10 questions answered by Rob Galbraith, “The Most Interesting Man in Insurance,” and author of The End of Insurance As We Know It.

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  • 7. Why Sales Strategy Should Direct Product Development

    Business Consultant and Strategist Rakesh Sharma shares a product development strategy driven by sales, that took his company from scratch to nearly Rs. 100 crore in sales in just 18 months.
  • 6. Social Media Marketing Tips – How to Go From 0 to 6 Million Followers

    How would you like some social media marketing tips from a startup founder whose social media following began at 0 and has quickly ballooned to more than 6 million – 3 million each on Twitter and Facebook. The company in question is HealthcareMagic (acquired by Atlanta, GA-based Ebix), and the cofounder sharing their SMM tips and secrets is Shekhar Sahu.
  • 4. Outbound vs Inbound Marketing

    Sarah Hales, with experience from various fields, over the years, had the chance to meet many clients along her career path that used either Inbound or Outbound techniques and were great at it. In this episode, Sarah explains in detail - between Inbound and outbound, which one do you pick and how do you go forward with that?
  • 3. Cracking Enterprise Sales

    Puneet Chhahira, Global Marketing Head at Infosys Finacle, EdgeVerve, talks about how to approach enterprise sales and get through to the phalanx of multiple decision makers in the same company.
  • 2. How to Get Your First Paying Customers

    A Startup Sales event question about how to get your first paying customers was answered by panelist Patrick Barnes, Cofounder and CEO, Advocately, which offers advocacy programs for B2B SaaS.