[Full Interview] Urban Ecologies - with Gavin Van Horn

Season 1, Ep. 0

Where does the city begin? How do animals disrupt our associations of what cities are? What even is urban wilderness?

Gavin Van Horn, Executive Editor of the Center for Humans and Nature, and author of the books The Way of Coyote: Shared Journeys in the Urban Wilds and Animal Encounters In The Chicago Wilderness, is here to disrupt long-held notions that cities are just concrete masses devoid of other life.

Gavin shares his tales from the city of Chicago, stories of brave citizens who transformed their neighbourhoods and rewove a social fabric with pollinator pathways, migratory bird preserves, and a catalytic Greencorps program. We hear about the mutual gaze that is shared between us and other life, and how to dial in to the stories that animals are telling about us among all that urban noise.

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Photo Credit: Jason Klassi via Getty Images

Music: Electric Ethnicity by Igor Dvorkin, Duncan Pittock, Ellie Kidd

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[Full Interview] Nature as Mentor - with Jon Young

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