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ChatGPT Passed an MBA Exam. What’s Next?

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  • Can Diversity Initiatives Break Barriers in Entertainment?

    Wharton Coalition for Equity and Opportunity's Faculty Director Kenneth L. Shropshire is joined by industry leaders Nzinga “Zing” Shaw, CEO of Attack the Glass, and sports and entertainment attorney Jaia Thomas to address pay equity and underrepresentation in entertainment. They discuss their experiences in developing diversity initiatives, including targeted hiring practices, mentorship programs, and curating resume databases. Shah and Thomas offer insights on how to enhance visibility and opportunities for women, people of color, disabled communities, and LGBTQ+ professionals in sports and entertainment. This interview is part of a special 4-part series called “Opportunity Matters.”
  • What Can We Do to Narrow the Wealth Gap?

    Wharton professor Keith Weigelt and President and CEO of Castle Oak Securities L.P. David R. Jones join host Kenneth L. Shropshire, faculty director of Wharton’s Coalition for Equity and Opportunity, to talk about the inequities in finance and financial wellbeing.They discuss the racial wealth gap, and the role of access, opportunity, and education. Learn about the solutions Wharton is pursuing to address these disparities, and how business leaders and financial institutions like Castle Oak can contribute to closing the wealth gap. This interview is part of a special 4-part series called “Opportunity Matters.”
  • Is Making Extra Mortgage Payments Worthwhile? | Michael Roberts

    Worried about your money? Wharton finance professor Michael Roberts is here to help with common-sense advice on mortgage debt, personal budgeting, and planning ahead. This Ripple Effect podcast episode is part of a series on getting a “Fresh Start" this new year.
  • Want to Live a Meaningful Life? Be the Hero of Your Story

    Wharton marketing professor Jonah Berger’s latest co-authored research focuses on storytelling. His paper is titled, “Seeing Your Life’s Story as a Hero’s Journey Can Increase Meaning in Life.” It explains how people can find more well-being and resilience by reflecting on the important elements in their lives and connecting them to a coherent and compelling narrative.
  • How Does Prioritizing Diversity Reshape the Business and Culture of Sports?

    Kenneth L. Shropshire, faculty director for Wharton’s Coalition for Equity and Opportunity, delves into the world of sports alongside guests Xavier Gutierrez, the NHL's first Latino president and CEO, and Jonathan Beane, the NFL's senior vice president and chief diversity and inclusion officer. The conversation examines the unique role sports play in providing opportunities for underserved communities, and why women are more likely to foster a positive and inclusive work environment. They also address the diversity challenges in team ownership and highlight the ongoing efforts to increase opportunities for minorities in leadership roles within sports organizations. This interview is part of a special 4-part series called “Opportunity Matters.”
  • How Does Your Financial Wellbeing Shape Your Health Outcomes?

    Kenneth L. Shropshire, faculty director of Wharton’s Coalition for Equity and Opportunity, is joined by Wharton professor Guy David, Managing Director for Wharton’s Coalition for Equity and Opportunity Dr. Fareeda Griffith, and Head of TIAA Institute Surya Kolluri. They unpack the intricate ways income and wealth inequality reverberate through health care and influence health outcomes. From examining the impact of social determinants to navigating innovation in technology and AI, the conversation explores how these factors can either uplift or exacerbate existing disparities for underserved communities. This interview is part of a special 4-part series called “Opportunity Matters.”
  • 2023 Ripple Rewind

    In this special episode, listen to curated excerpts from this year’s Ripple Effect podcast, where Wharton professors discuss a range of trending business topics.
  • Why ‘Covering’ Can Harm Diversity in the Workplace

    Wharton’s Stephanie Creary speaks with two experts about why some employees feel the need to 'cover' aspects of their identity and how organizations can better support diversity in the workplace. She's joined by Kenji Yoshino -- a professor at NYU School of Law and faculty director of the Meltzer Center for Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging -- and Joanne Stephane, executive director of Deloitte's DEI Institute™.
  • How to Use AI in a Fair and Responsible Way

    Wharton’s Stephanie Creary speaks with Dr. Broderick Turner -- a Virginia Tech marketing professor who also runs the school’s Technology, Race, and Prejudice (T.R.A.P.) Lab -- and Dr. Karim Ginena -- a social scientist and founder of RAI Audit -- on how to use AI while thinking critically about its flaws.