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About Authenticator Apps

Season 10, Ep. 9

What if you could have a secure password generated fresh each time you need it? Authenticator apps do just that. Tom explains how.

Featuring Tom Merritt.

Full episode transcript here.

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    What's really being celebrated on Black Friday and is it the biggest shopping day in the world?Featuring Tom Merritt.Full Episode Transcript here.
  • 10. About ALOHANet

    The backbone of nearly every network you use on a daily basis is based on a system designed to be cheap and easy to implement.Featuring Tom Merritt.Full episode transcript here.
  • 8. About Collaborative Editing

    Douglas Engelbart demonstrated how two people connected over a network could work together editing a document at the same time in 1968. It took much longer to see a real product.Featuring Tom Merritt.Episode Transcript available here.
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  • 6. About RISC-V

    How did RISC-V grab the attention of nearly every major tech company and what was the need for yet another computer processor architecture? Tom walks you through the history and use case of RISC-V.Featuring Tom Merritt.Full episode transcript found here.
  • 5. About DNS (Rewrite)

    The Internet's directory was once a simple text file on a single computer but has evolved into many directories world-wide that enable the Internet as you know it.Featuring Tom Merritt.Full episode transcript here.
  • 4. About Word Processors

    The word processor never got "invented" as such, it just slowly developed out of things like typewriters and even slowly merged from electronic appliances into software. To understand the origin of the word processor you and I would recognize, the one with bold, italic, underline, we need to follow the journey of future space tourist Charles Simonyi.Featuring Tom Merritt.Episode transcript available here.
  • 3. About the Computer Mouse

    You all know what a mouse is. It’s so common, that you probably don't even think that much about why it's called a mouse. But back in 1968, the man generally credited with the invention of the mouse, Douglas Engelbart, had to apologize for what was certainly a silly name.Featuring Tom Merritt.Full episode transcript here.