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DTNS host Tom Merritt dives deep into tech topics to help you understand what you need to know about them.

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  • 3. About the Computer Mouse

    You all know what a mouse is. It’s so common, that you probably don't even think that much about why it's called a mouse. But back in 1968, the man generally credited with the invention of the mouse, Douglas Engelbart, had to apologize for what was certainly a silly name.Featuring Tom Merritt.Full episode transcript here.

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  • 2. About Hypertext

    You may have used them hundreds of times today, but the origin of hypertexts dates all the way back to at least 1963.Featuring Tom Merritt.Full episode transcript here.
  • 1. About the Mother of All Demos

    In a single 90 minute presentation, Douglas Englebart showcased technologies that would eventually find their way into nearly every computer you've ever used. And he did it in 1968.Featuring Tom Merritt.
  • 9. About Public Key Cryptography (May 2023 Update)

    Passkeys use something called public key cryptography. They have your public key. And because it’s public, it doesn’t matter if anyone gets it. That public key and your private key combine to validate who you are. But how does that work? Wouldn’t they have to know something besides the public key that’s unique to you? No. That’s the brilliance of it.Featuring Tom Merritt.Link to show notes here.
  • 8. About Section 230 (May 2023 Update)

    We update the history of Section 230 in light of the recent Supreme Court decisions. What it is, what it isn't and how those decisions affected or didn't affect the future of the "safe harbor" law in the US.Featuring Tom Merritt.Full episode transcript here.
  • 7. About the DMCA (Updated)

    By 1998 the US had passed its Digital Millennium Copyright Act. And partly because the US generates so much copyrightable material, and partly just because it’s the US and is a little pushy on the world stage, the DMCA became the de facto way of handling copyright protections on the internet around the world.But what is it? Why did we need the DMCA or the WIPO copyright treaty at all?Let's help you Know a Little more about the DMCAFeaturing Tom Merritt.Full episode transcript available here.
  • 6. About Taiwan

    Taiwan is at once one of the most vexing political situations on the globe and one of the most important to the world of technology.But few people understand how it got to be either. And understanding that is essential to understanding what might happen next and how that matters a LOT for the technology industry.Let's help you Know a Little More about Taiwan.Featuring Tom Merritt.This episode has been updated to correctly name the original four members of the United Nations Security Council.Full episode transcript here.