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Living Into Your Positive Soul Purpose with Dorice Horenstein

Ep. 17

Learn how to live into the power that you are met to share with the world.

In this episode, I introduce to you the concept of Positive Intelligence with my friend Dorice Horenstein.

Dorice was born and raised in Israel and moved to Portland after completing her service as an officer in the Israel Defense Forces. She worked in Jewish education for more than 30 years, transferring her love for Jewish traditions and the Hebrew language. Today, the world is her classroom and her stage. She vividly recalls her first talk about my book, Moments of The HeartFour Relationships Everyone Should Have to Live Wholeheartedly, in front of representatives of over 200 communities in the US. where she said to herself “For this I was born.”

To help others achieve positive relationships, to overcome fear, uncertainty, conflict. To grow in love, empathy and curiosity of the future before us. To mold the future ahead by focusing on our intentions and actions in present.

Today, she uses her experience, personal stories, universal wisdom, gems from the Hebrew language, and concepts in Mental Fitness rooted in Positive Intelligence to cultivate healthy relationships and inspire others (at work as well as home) to live an enjoyable, more grounded and focused life! A life with a purpose!

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Unlock Your Bravery for Abundance with Lia Valencia Key

Ep. 31
Have you decided to shine your light today? What about unlock your bravery to do something outside of your comfort zone? Do you get consumed with fear and freeze? Or are you unlocking your potential when you are faced with adversity? In this episode, I am joined by Lia Valencia Key, a designer, motivational speaker, and lighthouse whose mother told her to “Never leave the house without wearing your sparkling earrings, they will serve as reminders of the light within.” Lia lost her mother at an early age but those beautiful words never left Lia’s heart. And she is here to shine her light on you to unlock your bravery and open up to abundance. Raised in very humble beginnings in a super-impoverished neighborhood of Philadelphia, Lia Valencia Key lived in a homeless shelter with her mother, sister, and brother. Even in such dark times her mom told her, "your predicament does not determine your destiny." She encouraged Lia to never leave the house without wearing her sparkling earrings, because they would serve as reminders of the light within.Lia went on to rise above her challenges by Radiating Light obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Business, Master's Degree in Education, a Cosmetology Instructor's License, becoming a Global Hair & Makeup Artist, received a United States Patent, then onward to create VALENCIA KEY JEWELRY company. Wearable JOY that symbolizes ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE, If You Can BELIEVE IT, You Can Achieve It! Created to inspire and unlock the bravery and light within. Lia's VALENCIA KEY JEWELRY, launched on QVC, one of the largest television shopping networks in the World. With the Power of Believing Lia went From homelessness to inspiring through jewelry in over 100 Million homes. Big Dreams continue to come ture, VALENCIA KEY Jewelry has Recently been featured in OPRAH Magazine 2020 Favorite Things Issue, Jamie Kern Lima founder of IT Cosmetics brought Lia to appear on the Mel Robbins Show and Speak on the stage with Brendon Burchard, Ed Mylett, Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins and more to over 216k attendees at Jamie Kern Lima’s BECOMING UNSTOPPABLE BELIEVE IT book launch.Lia reaches back to where she comes from donating & educating women in homeless shelters on the Keys to Light, how to rise up out of ruff environments. Lia is a living example that all things are possible by rooting the power of choosing joy and radiating light.Some Questions answered by Lia Valencia Key: "Your predicament does not determine your destiny." How did this shape you in your youth? (07:24)"How did you know you were made for more?" (20:28)How important is it to listen to the whisper in your heart and speak it out loud? (23:30)In this Episode You Will Learn: "Your predicament does not determine your destiny." (08:27)Do you want to be a follower or a leader? (09:10)When you are in darkness you literally have to open up your heart to what is possible. (11:25)What you can do to change your predicament around now. (14:40)Sometimes it's easier to stay in the condition you know but how bad do you want to open up to abundance? (20:28)Do not share out of expectation. When you are sharing your dreams you are planting seeds in the world. (25:00) When you pray it up, it will shower down to the right person and you won't even have to ask because you will have poured it out into the world. "Truly all things are possible if you have something to give to the world and you have a passion of love and you give it with pure generosity it will be life changing for the receiver." (28:00)Connect with Lia Valencia Key: InstagramFacebookwww.valenciakey.comlia@valenciakey.comConnect with Keri Faith:

Defining Success On Your Own Terms with Ruchi Sharma

Ep. 30
Welcome to this week's Podcast episode with Ruchi Sharm, a ICF certified mindset coach, inspirational speaker, entrepreneur and writer. She offers exclusive personalized one on one coaching and mentoring to leaders and change makers across all platforms ranging from Driven Entrepreneurs to Corporate Executives. Her mission is to empower intentional leaders, who dare to dream and dare to be a beacon of light in the world. Her work focuses on creating strategies that lead individuals doing their best work, thrive among change and realize their full potential. Over the past decade Ruchi has worked in many scenarios from Full Time Teaching to working as a Marketing Professional at Yelp, Inc. She has a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from University of Houston and prides herself on being a Cougar. Ruchi lives with her husband and two children in Houston, Texas. .On leisurely days, she is a yoga and meditation enthusiast, an avid reader of books on psychology, spirituality and personal development, an enthusiastic dance partner and a hopeless music junkie.In this episode we discuss:What is the definition of success? (05:20)What values were you brought up to share and how did it shape you? (07:00)How do you guide women to their next next level success and goals? (11:00)Unmasking the ego (18:00)Energy of access your full potential (21:44)What is your soul's purpose? (22:20)What happens when you are out of alignment? (28:07)Resources: Wings of a Women: When Pain Becomes Your PowerConnect with Ruchi: www.ruchisharma.meINSTAGRAMFACEBOOK GROUP ruchi@ruchisharma.meClubhouse - @livingwithruchiContact Keri Faith:www.kerifaith.comInstagramFacebookYouTubekerifaithonpurpose@gmail.comClubhouse - @kerifaith