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Living Into Your Positive Soul Purpose with Dorice Horenstein

Season 1, Ep. 17

Learn how to live into the power that you are met to share with the world.

In this episode, I introduce to you the concept of Positive Intelligence with my friend Dorice Horenstein.

Dorice was born and raised in Israel and moved to Portland after completing her service as an officer in the Israel Defense Forces. She worked in Jewish education for more than 30 years, transferring her love for Jewish traditions and the Hebrew language. Today, the world is her classroom and her stage. She vividly recalls her first talk about my book, Moments of The HeartFour Relationships Everyone Should Have to Live Wholeheartedly, in front of representatives of over 200 communities in the US. where she said to herself “For this I was born.”

To help others achieve positive relationships, to overcome fear, uncertainty, conflict. To grow in love, empathy and curiosity of the future before us. To mold the future ahead by focusing on our intentions and actions in present.

Today, she uses her experience, personal stories, universal wisdom, gems from the Hebrew language, and concepts in Mental Fitness rooted in Positive Intelligence to cultivate healthy relationships and inspire others (at work as well as home) to live an enjoyable, more grounded and focused life! A life with a purpose!

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Revealing the Hidden Secret Behind Psychic Mediumship

Season 2, Ep. 37
Welcome back to the Keri Faith on Purpose podcast!In this episode, you will learn about absorbing energy, setting boundaries, and normalizing mistakes as growth spurts, not failures!What a truly special and inspiring guest this week, Jennifer Rose. We are going to talk about being spiritually connected as a gift of the mind, body, and spirit as a whole. And how Jennifer is a true believer that nurturing and learning how to heal yourself on all levels is the key to harmony within. And her own journey of healing which enhanced her psychic mediumship ability to serve.A little about Jenn:Jennifer is the creator of many great things. She is the Mother of two boys, has created a successful and inspiring blog ( and is the published author of Living Crazy Healthy. A plant-based recipe book about getting right with yourself in mind, body, and spirit… THROUGH FOOD! Yes, please & thank you!When Jenn realized her energies were transformational not only for herself, but for other people… she did it! She found her PURPOSE in mediumship and strengthening her spiritual connection. She even was my teacher for Reiki 1 and 2 Certification. As well guided me in a past life and womb regression hypnosis experience. Jennifer supports people on their journey to elevate upward toward higher vibrations and consciousness.Jennifer Rose is a:Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist who specializes in Past LIfe Womb RegressionUsui Reiki MasterPsychic/MediumOracle & Tarot ReaderCertified Trance + Crystal HealerHighlights from this episode:Healing and the dark night of the soul (09:55)“It’s in our breakdowns we have our breakthroughs.” (14:08)Absorbing energy and setting boundaries (20:00)Negative, healthy, and positive attachments (24:10)“Boundary Boss” by Terri Cole (25:01)Normalize making mistakes as not failures, but growth spurts (29:43)Past life womb regression (32:08)Rediscover your purpose in this lifetime (34:12)Grab your FREE Manifesting with Mantras HEREConnect with Keri Faith:Schedule a CallInstagramFacebookEmail:Connect with Jennifer Rose:WebsiteInstagramFacebook

The KEY to Transformation and Change

Season 2, Ep. 36
Welcome back to the Keri Faith on Purpose podcast! We are ringing in the second season of the show with the amazing and powerful influencer, Enetra Eynaud.Enetra, stepped away from a career in Corporate America to being a stay-at-home mom to becoming a moderator and business strategist for some of the top influencers and best-selling authors online.She is a living example of finding the harmony between motherhood and online leadership. Over the past 4 years, she has supported close to one million people between online launches and virtual live events.Her passion for self-development, life (and business) mapping, creating boundaries, and manifesting led her to build a dream life in Arizona mentoring, speaking, and leading teams online. She can't wait to map your dreams and guide you to making them a reality.Do you have a tendency of putting other people's needs before your own? That may show up as perfectionism, lacking boundaries, and lack of believing and trusting in oneself. In this episode, Enetra, will share her experiences about how she was able to accept that it’s okay to not be perfect and how stepping into her power has helped her achieve greatness. We truly believe that if you’re reading this now, you’re on your way to achieving great things as well!Highlights:Perfectionism and how that shows up in your life (07:15)“No is a complete sentence.” (12:39)When we say, “no” to others, we are saying, “yes” more to ourselves. (14:04)Women holding women back from stepping into their power. (14:33)Being a stay at home Mom with a voice (17:17)Asking for support (not permission) with certainty in your heart (19:48)Looking for support within ourselves (20:42)What is holding me back from pursuing my dream? A question women often ask themselves. (23:25)We have the right to say, “This is what I want” (27:57)Start with your core and find out what doesn’t serve you now. (32:45)Grab your FREE KEY to the Collective Connect with Enetra:Email: enetra.e@gmail.comConnect with Keri Faith:Schedule a CallInstagramFacebookWebsiteEmail:

Uncovering Your Spiritual Gifts

Season 1, Ep. 35
JOIN THE OWN YOUR FUTURE CHALLENGE HEREOn this week's show, Laura Powers is sharing her gifts with you as a celebrity Psychic, clairvoyant medium, author, Podcast Host and entrepreneur.She is the host of the popular film and television podcast, “Behind the Scenes with Laura Powers,” and her top 100 podcast on Apple Podcasts, “Healing Powers Podcast.”Ever since she was a child, Laura has sensed spirits while learning how to manage those experiences she connected with the angelic realms.She now uses her experience communicating with angels, spirits, and other energy beings to help her clients better understand and change their lives.Highlights and Questions: What’s your best way to unplug and listen to the message? 11:00Crystals are a life form and a conscious form.How would you recommend to move through any obstacles in one’s spiritual journey? 18:17“Obstacles are lessons in our spiritual journey.”What advice would you give someone looking to move through an obstacle on their spiritual journey? 18:17Continue to grow and shift your circle. It’s easier to grow and shift in a community. Take classes, a mentor, get in a group and learn learn learn. Explore and dive in.How do you tap into your spirit guides? 20:45I think it’s important to constantly ask for help both general and specific enough for a request.What you receive from the universe will change when your conscious focus is on your choices and having strong boundaries on what you don’t want in your life.Contact Laura Powers: 6-month training coursewww.healingpowers.netTwitterFacebookInstagramContact Keri Faith: Instagram a free copy of how to Instantly Shift Your Mindset for FLOW and SuccessJoin the FREE Manifesting with the Moon Workshops