Keri Faith on Purpose

This Podcast is where leadership meets your soul purpose and mission in life. If you have been questioning what is next as a visionary leader in this new world, then you’ll find throughout different episodes tools, inspirational stories, interviews, and transformational leadership principles to live out your vision. The intention is to empower you to lead others to create beyond what is possible through leadership, purpose, and Vision. Leadership is not something that you ‘do’ it is who you BE as a creator living in alignment with your soul's purpose and mission in this life. You get to connect, create, and transform into the leader you were born to BE. This leadership Podcast will be your guide.

Keri Knudtson

Keri Faith Knudtson is an author, speaker, and transformational manifestation coach. She works with entrepreneurs and emerging coaches to overcome self-doubt and the fear of being seen and heard. She shares openly about her transformation of overcoming a lifetime of chronic pain and illness in which she unconsciously re-wired her own brain through lifestyle shifts and applying ancient wisdom passed down from generations. She is a Certified Knowledge Broker and has a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology with an emphasis in human behavior. She loves to manifest alongside her clients.