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Writing Her Roots with Susan Cushman

Ep. 20

What books or pieces of writing have impacted you? Stories are an incredible way to learn, connect with others, and even change how you view life. 

In this episode, I am so excited to be joined by the wonderful Susan Cushman. Susan is an author, mother, grandmother, and an incredible storyteller. Born and raised in Mississippi and now residing in Memphis, Susan credits both of these places as great influences on the short stories, essays, and novels that she writes. At the age of 70, Susan has proven that it truly is never too late to do what you want in life. Throughout this episode, Susan explains her background, the path that led her to becoming a published author, and all about how her most recent book, John and Mary Margaret, was shaped by the racial crisis in our country. 

Susan’s published pieces include her most recent novel, John and Mary Margaret, short stories called Friends of the Library, her memoir Tangles and Plaques: A Mother and Daughter Face Alzheimer’s, and her first novel, Cherry Bomb.  Susan has also edited three collections of essays: A Second Blooming: Becoming the Women We Are Meant to Be, Southern Writers Writing, and The Pulpwood Queens Celebrate 20 Years! In addition, she has written over a dozen essays published in four anthologies and various journals and magazines.

Tune in to Episode 20 of The Joy Found Here podcast to learn about Susan’s writing career, the events that have inspired her books, and her passion for storytelling!

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About Susan’s background (2:44)
  • Susan’s path to a career in writing (7:57)
  • The events that shaped Susan’s writing of John and Mary Margaret (16:56)
  • About Susan’s two-week book tour (25:57)
  • The purpose behind the title ‘Cherry Bomb’ (33:08)

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Change Your Relationship With Time And Follow Your Dreams with Marisa Lonic

Ep. 80
How many brilliant business ideas did you let die in the shower just because "you don't have the time"? A scarcity mindset around time leads to an endless loop; you're unhappy because you don't have any, and you get so frustrated that you can't create it. In this episode, I'm joined by the inspiring Marisa Lonic. She is a Speaker, Coach, Author, top-rated Podcast Host, Content Creator, Entrepreneur, and mother of 4! After juggling her career in corporate America with raising four kids and growing her own business, Marisa concluded that not having time is a state of mind. She founded Mamm Work It, where she helps busy mompreneurs fulfill their dreams of starting their businesses while making time for themselves and their families. She is also the Host of the Mamm Work It podcast and the author of three books on time management and productivity. Throughout our conversation, Marisa shared bits of her entrepreneurial journey as a wife and mother of four, the challenges she overcame, and the lessons she learned from other not-so-successful endeavors. She also shared excellent advice for establishing priorities and getting things done, changing our relationship with time, how to stop shoulding ourselves, and more. Tune in to Episode 74 of the Joy Found Here podcast to hear about Marisa's journey to regaining control of her time. In This Episode, You Will Learn:A bit about Marisa's journey before starting Momma Work It (3:43)Marisa's relationship with motherhood and entrepreneurship (5:11)How intentional are you with your free time? (7:47)What happens when you get stuck in the "I don't have time" mindset (14:23)How to get out of the "I don't have time" hamster wheel in two steps (15:48)Stop shoulding yourself! (21:54)Connect with Marisa:WebsiteMomma Work It podcastBooksBook: Marisa Lonic - Word to your Mother: A Mama's Guide to Journal Today and Slay TomorrowBook: Marisa Lonic - Biz MOMagement: The Working Mom's Guide to Go From Employee to EntrepreneurBook: Marisa Lonic - Time Momagement: How to Get the Time You Need to Do the Things You WantLinkedInLet's Connect:Website

Writing A Life Story On the Go with Kayla MacArthur and Ryan Crain

Ep. 79
Have you ever felt that the traditional path of college, degree, profession, and retirement wasn't a good fit for you? Have you ever had the urge to get in your car and travel through the country from coast to coast, or quit your job and sell everything you have to travel and see the world? In this episode, I'm very excited to welcome the inspiring Kayla MacArthur and Ryan Crain. Kayla has been a Transformational Life Coach since 2015 (way before it was cool) who, after experiencing a "quarter-life crisis," decided to quit corporate America and build a different life for herself. Ryan is a writer and former kinesiologist who, after losing his job, girlfriend, and apartment in the same week, sold everything he had and traveled the world for 365 days. They are the co-authors of "Gravel Roads, One man's quest around the world to heal and to live a life with no regrets."Throughout this episode, Kayla and Ryan share their stories before and after they decided to do something different with their lives, the decisions that led them where they are today, and the coincidences that conspired to make their paths cross. We delve into the creative process of "Gravel Roads," how they decided to turn it into a cooperative project, and how it is for them to live abroad. They also talk about the places they enjoyed most, some of the weirdest things they experienced, and much more.  Tune in to Episode 79 of the Joy Found Here and get inspired by this power couple who decided to chase their dreams and live a life by design. In This Episode, You Will Learn:A bit about Ryan's upbringing and the moment he decided to see the world (4:19)Kayla's story and her "quarter-life crisis" (8:41)How did their families react to their decision to pursue an unconventional life (13:30)How did the idea of writing "Gravel Roads" start (18:14)Why did Kayla and Ryan choose Mexico (27:37)Ryan and Kayla's favorite places on planet earth (31:45)Resources:Book: Gravel Roads: One man's quest around the world to heal and to live a life with no regretsConnect with Kayla:Kayla's LinktreeConnect with Ryan:WebsiteInstagramLet's Connect:Website

Curing People's Smiles with Dr. Victoria Veytsman

Ep. 78
A smile is way more than the universal language of kindness; it can also tell much about people's health and how they feel about themselves. In this episode, I'm thrilled to welcome the cosmetic and celebrity dentist Dr. Victoria Veytsman, "Dr. V," founder of Cosmetic Dental Studios. Owner of a very creative mind, Dr. V. found the perfect balance between art and science in cosmetic dentistry and has been featured in national and international publications. She believes a healthy mouth is the cornerstone of a beautiful smile, which at the same time, has a massive impact on people's confidence. Our conversation revolves around oral health and how much the mouth can tell about overall health. Dr. V. shared several examples of how teeth health affects how we look and feel about ourselves and the confidence we portray. We also talk about her passion for female empowerment and her aim for excellence. Plus, we discuss the work ethic that led her to work with organizations like The Miss America Organization, The Miss NY USA Organization, and The Miss NY America Organization, to name some of them, and to provide expertise as a dental sponsor of the New York Emmy® Awards.Tune in to Episode 78 of the Joy Found Here, and learn about the massive potential hidden behind your smile. In This Episode, You Will Learn:Confidence is very much impacted by the smile (3:39)What happens to your teeth as you age? (5:51)What is a smile makeover, and how can it change your life (8:42)Dr. V's approach to restorative dentistry (14:23)How to become a celebrity dentist? (17:38)About Dr. V's passion for female empowerment (22:04)Connect with Dr. V.:WebsiteInstagramFacebookTwitterLet's Connect:Website