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Searching For The Puzzle That Fits Our Piece with Elaine Mingus

Ep. 82
What's your reaction when someone or something interrupts your schedule? If you get angry or upset, that might indicate that you don't have space in your life to experience and live in the present moment.In this episode, I'm joined by the amazing Elaine Mingus. The realization of the massive debt Elaine and her family of 9 got into after their holidays in Hawaii put things in perspective and pushed her straight into depression. Plus, her writing job didn't reflect the effort and long hours. Something had to change urgently. So she got creative and started a side gig that'd become an enjoyable and profitable business. Throughout this episode, Elaine shares the circumstances that led her to create the Curb Vulture, how she grew her side gig into a business, and the challenges she overcame in the process. We talk about how she juggled homeschooling her 7 kids while working a full-time job, how she got her priorities right in difficult times, and the wake-up call read on time about how she was spending her time. We also talk about practicing active recovery, using desperation as a wise counselor, and more. Tune in to Episode 82 of the Joy Found Here podcast and learn what you need to know to turn your side gig into a business. In This Episode, You Will Learn:A bit about Elaine's fantastic background story (4:01)Social media and the comparison-making machine at your fingertips (8:50)A significant setback that showed Elaine who was her people (11:58)Lessons learned from years of welfare (17:05)How Curb Vulture started (22:37)Sometimes we stay in the hamster wheel without noticing it (30:36)Connect with ElaineWebsiteCurb Vulture websiteCurb Vulture InstagramLet's Connect:Website

Rewire Your Subconscious Mind with Christina Woods

Ep. 81
Many of the teachings taught to us from a place of love, which in many cases helped us become who we are today, might be outdated or simply powerless to take us to the next level. It's okay to unlearn and replace them with new ones; it is the only way to evolve. In this episode, I'm very excited to welcome Christina Woods to the show. After a successful career of 30 years in corporate America, Christina decided to pursue her passion for healing through hypnotherapy and energy work. She grew up with intense feelings of inadequacy and not enoughness, which turned her into a constant approval seeker who would always put herself last. However, watching her marriage dissolve while an autoimmune disease she never had time to deal with was piling up made her reassess and put more thought into where she was investing her energy. Throughout this episode, Christina shares bits of her story, the decision to pursue her passion for healing, and the pivotal moments that almost pushed her to make a 180° change in her way of going through life. We also talk about self-improvement and the importance of getting rid of the thoughts that no longer serve us. Plus, Christina explains the multiple benefits of hypnotherapy, the endless possibilities of rewiring our subconscious mind, the L.O.V.E acronym, and so much more. Tune in to Episode 74 of the Joy Found Here podcast and learn how to give entity and process your emotions in a completely new way. In This Episode, You Will Learn:A bit about Christina's journey in the corporate world (2:25)The pivotal moment in Christina's life (6:12)How did hypnotherapy get into Christina's life (11:11)Feelings just want to be seen and heard (19:06)The L.O.V.E acronym (20:22)The mind sticks to what's familiar to it (25:29)The power of the "what if" conversations (34:05)Connect with Christina:WebsiteInstagramFacebookLet's Connect:Website

Change Your Relationship With Time And Follow Your Dreams with Marisa Lonic

Ep. 80
How many brilliant business ideas did you let die in the shower just because "you don't have the time"? A scarcity mindset around time leads to an endless loop; you're unhappy because you don't have any, and you get so frustrated that you can't create it. In this episode, I'm joined by the inspiring Marisa Lonic. She is a Speaker, Coach, Author, top-rated Podcast Host, Content Creator, Entrepreneur, and mother of 4! After juggling her career in corporate America with raising four kids and growing her own business, Marisa concluded that not having time is a state of mind. She founded Mamm Work It, where she helps busy mompreneurs fulfill their dreams of starting their businesses while making time for themselves and their families. She is also the Host of the Mamm Work It podcast and the author of three books on time management and productivity. Throughout our conversation, Marisa shared bits of her entrepreneurial journey as a wife and mother of four, the challenges she overcame, and the lessons she learned from other not-so-successful endeavors. She also shared excellent advice for establishing priorities and getting things done, changing our relationship with time, how to stop shoulding ourselves, and more. Tune in to Episode 74 of the Joy Found Here podcast to hear about Marisa's journey to regaining control of her time. In This Episode, You Will Learn:A bit about Marisa's journey before starting Momma Work It (3:43)Marisa's relationship with motherhood and entrepreneurship (5:11)How intentional are you with your free time? (7:47)What happens when you get stuck in the "I don't have time" mindset (14:23)How to get out of the "I don't have time" hamster wheel in two steps (15:48)Stop shoulding yourself! (21:54)Connect with Marisa:WebsiteMomma Work It podcastBooksBook: Marisa Lonic - Word to your Mother: A Mama's Guide to Journal Today and Slay TomorrowBook: Marisa Lonic - Biz MOMagement: The Working Mom's Guide to Go From Employee to EntrepreneurBook: Marisa Lonic - Time Momagement: How to Get the Time You Need to Do the Things You WantLinkedInLet's Connect:Website

Writing A Life Story On the Go with Kayla MacArthur and Ryan Crain

Ep. 79
Have you ever felt that the traditional path of college, degree, profession, and retirement wasn't a good fit for you? Have you ever had the urge to get in your car and travel through the country from coast to coast, or quit your job and sell everything you have to travel and see the world? In this episode, I'm very excited to welcome the inspiring Kayla MacArthur and Ryan Crain. Kayla has been a Transformational Life Coach since 2015 (way before it was cool) who, after experiencing a "quarter-life crisis," decided to quit corporate America and build a different life for herself. Ryan is a writer and former kinesiologist who, after losing his job, girlfriend, and apartment in the same week, sold everything he had and traveled the world for 365 days. They are the co-authors of "Gravel Roads, One man's quest around the world to heal and to live a life with no regrets."Throughout this episode, Kayla and Ryan share their stories before and after they decided to do something different with their lives, the decisions that led them where they are today, and the coincidences that conspired to make their paths cross. We delve into the creative process of "Gravel Roads," how they decided to turn it into a cooperative project, and how it is for them to live abroad. They also talk about the places they enjoyed most, some of the weirdest things they experienced, and much more.  Tune in to Episode 79 of the Joy Found Here and get inspired by this power couple who decided to chase their dreams and live a life by design. In This Episode, You Will Learn:A bit about Ryan's upbringing and the moment he decided to see the world (4:19)Kayla's story and her "quarter-life crisis" (8:41)How did their families react to their decision to pursue an unconventional life (13:30)How did the idea of writing "Gravel Roads" start (18:14)Why did Kayla and Ryan choose Mexico (27:37)Ryan and Kayla's favorite places on planet earth (31:45)Resources:Book: Gravel Roads: One man's quest around the world to heal and to live a life with no regretsConnect with Kayla:Kayla's LinktreeConnect with Ryan:WebsiteInstagramLet's Connect:Website

Curing People's Smiles with Dr. Victoria Veytsman

Ep. 78
A smile is way more than the universal language of kindness; it can also tell much about people's health and how they feel about themselves. In this episode, I'm thrilled to welcome the cosmetic and celebrity dentist Dr. Victoria Veytsman, "Dr. V," founder of Cosmetic Dental Studios. Owner of a very creative mind, Dr. V. found the perfect balance between art and science in cosmetic dentistry and has been featured in national and international publications. She believes a healthy mouth is the cornerstone of a beautiful smile, which at the same time, has a massive impact on people's confidence. Our conversation revolves around oral health and how much the mouth can tell about overall health. Dr. V. shared several examples of how teeth health affects how we look and feel about ourselves and the confidence we portray. We also talk about her passion for female empowerment and her aim for excellence. Plus, we discuss the work ethic that led her to work with organizations like The Miss America Organization, The Miss NY USA Organization, and The Miss NY America Organization, to name some of them, and to provide expertise as a dental sponsor of the New York Emmy® Awards.Tune in to Episode 78 of the Joy Found Here, and learn about the massive potential hidden behind your smile. In This Episode, You Will Learn:Confidence is very much impacted by the smile (3:39)What happens to your teeth as you age? (5:51)What is a smile makeover, and how can it change your life (8:42)Dr. V's approach to restorative dentistry (14:23)How to become a celebrity dentist? (17:38)About Dr. V's passion for female empowerment (22:04)Connect with Dr. V.:WebsiteInstagramFacebookTwitterLet's Connect:Website

Regain Your Health And Reclaim Your Wealth Using The Mind Math Formula with Tracy Pleschourt

Ep. 77
If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you only need to work on three pounds of your body. The ones that reside between your ears, inside your head. In this episode, I'm excited to welcome the fantastic Tracy Pleschourt, a former advertising executive turned into a Certified Life and Weight Loss coach. She is the founder of Self-MadeU, where she uses life coaching to help people create self-made wealth and wellness. Through her coaching, Tracy teaches her clients to understand their thoughts and the emotions they create instead of dealing with the consequences. Throughout our conversation, Tracy shares The Mind Math Formula, a simple yet powerful way to solve virtually every problem we might have. She takes us through her journey into coaching and how she learned to identify the thoughts that weren't serving her. Tracy also teaches us how to deal with negative thoughts, what is needed to make significant changes in our money mindset, how to deal with the primitive part of our brain, and much more. Tune in to Episode 77 of the Joy Found Here, and learn how simple math can help eliminate extra weight, add health, and multiply your wealth. In This Episode, You Will Learn:About Tracy's journey and how she became a life and weight loss coach (3:29)Dealing with the three pounds between the ears (5:38)The Mind Math Formula (6:44)We create our own experiences (8:05)You found the root cause of your problems. Now what? (15:26)Money is hard to come by, or is it? (20:36)When you change the equation, you get a different result (25:31)Connect with Tracy:WebsiteLinkedInInstagramLet's Connect:Website

Coaching People Through The Messiness of Life & Parenting with Danny Cobbin

Ep. 76
Do you have a life coach? Coaches aren’t just valuable for sports teams and competitions, hiring a coach will help guide you to win in all areas of life. In this episode, I am excited to be joined by Danny Cobbin. Danny is a Certified Life Coach, podcast host of the DC 360 Podcast, and friend to all. He is passionate about helping others overcome the stress, worries, and everyday anxieties that impact our life. Through his coaching and his social media, Danny is helping his clients choose a career path they love, navigate parenting, and enjoy the journey along the way. Throughout this episode, Danny talks about how his life changed when he became a father to twins and how that was the starting point that led him to where he is today. You will hear how he has learned to embrace the highs, lows, messiness, and unpredictability that comes with life and parenting, the importance of awareness when it comes to personal growth, and so much more. Tune in to Episode 76 of the Joy Found Here podcast to hear how Danny is coaching people through the messiness of life and parenting! In This Episode, You Will Learn:About the transformational moment in Danny’s personal and professional life  (3:25)That being sporadic and unpredictable is part of the human experience (11:44)To become aware of where you are currently (32:18)The value of flexibility in work-life balance for parents (46:12)Connect with Danny InstagramPodcast Let’s Connect:Website

Level Up Your Money Mindset With The M.E.S.S. Method with Alejandra Rojas

Ep. 75
What is your mindset around money? Our thoughts and emotions around finances impact the numbers we see in our bank account more than we realize. In this episode, I am joined by the wonderful Alejandra Rojas. She is a Finance Professional, Coach, and Money Mindset Expert helping entrepreneurs increase their income by applying her highly effective M.E.S.S. method. After experiencing money burnout while going through a life-threatening sickness, Alejandra knew she had to design a method to prevent the same thing from happening again. Ever since, Alejandra has since overcome her personal money trauma and helps her clients to reach their financial goals in life and business. She is the host of The Happy & Wealthy Podcast and you can find her work in Yahoo Finance, GoBanking Rate, and others.Throughout this episode, Alejandra talks about overcoming her emotional trauma around money and learning how to become financially empowered. You will hear about Alejandra’s financial background, how she was raised to think about money, what the different stages are in her program, why women struggle with their emotions around money more commonly than men, and how the M.E.S.S. method can help you to level up your money mindset. Tune in to Episode 75 of the Joy Found Here podcast to hear from Alejandra about her financial journey that led her to helping countless women along their own! In This Episode, You Will Learn:About Alejandra’s background and her love for finance (3:14)What the M.E.S.S. method is (5:00)How Alejandra was raised to think about money (7:02)The different stages in Alejandra’s program (15:35)Why women may experience imposter syndrome around making (26:13)The membership opportunities Alejandra offers (36:26)Connect with AlejandraWebsitePodcastInstagramLet’s Connect:Website

Unlocking A Deeper Relationship With Yourself & Your Partner Through Yoga with Antonia Balazs

Ep. 74
Connecting to ourselves, mentally and physically, on a deeper level helps us open ourselves up to giving and receiving more love. In this episode, I am joined by the amazing Antonia Balazs. After dedicating a season of her life to practicing yoga and focusing on personal growth, Antonia met her husband. She realized that had she not spent the time to connect to herself on a deeper level, she wouldn’t be the same partner to her husband. Today, Antonia is a relationship coach who uses the ancient wisdom of Kundalini yoga to help women ignite intimacy, connection, and passion in their marriage. Antonia shares her extensive knowledge of Kundalini yoga with her  clients, helping them unlock new ways to connect with themselves and their partners. Throughout this episode, Antonia talks about her journey to discovering the power of Kundalini yoga and how it has helped keep her marriage passionate and joyful. Antonia shares how she was introduced to Kundalini, why it is different from other types of yoga, how it is possible for relationships to continue being exciting after the beginning, and more. Tune in to Episode 74 of the Joy Found Here podcast to hear about Antonia’s journey to unlocking a deeper marriage!In This Episode, You Will Learn:About Antonia’s relationship history and her marriage (3:53)Antonia’s yoga journey (7:30)How Kundalini is different from other types of yoga  (20:15)How you can reignite passion in your relationship (29:46)Antonia’s advice for igniting intimacy (35:13)Let’s Connect:Website