San Francisco Real Estate: Escrow Out Loud


Are You Smarter Than A Realtor: Round 2

Season 3, Ep. 79

Last week we had some clues to help us figure out a neighborhood. In today’s episode of Escrow Out Loud, our San Francisco Real Estate podcast, we reveal the answer and play round two. With a whole new set of clues how quickly can you guess the neighborhood this time?

[00:47] The mystery neighborhood from last week’s episode, Are You Smarter Than a Realtor, Neighborhood #1, is…Pacific Heights.

[01:20] Clue 1: One of the oldest bars in San Francisco, The Little Shamrock, is in this week's neighborhood.

[02:01] Clue 2: Some say you can find the best Chinese chicken wings in the city in this neighborhood at the San Tung Chinese Restaurant.

[02:28] Clue 3: This is a neighborhood without a single park within its boundaries.

[02:46] Clue 4: However, it is a very park-adjacent neighborhood, including: Golden Gate Park, Grandview Park and J.P. Murphy Playground.

[03:18] Clue 5: When exploring this neighborhood you can easily have a seat in public, as the Public Bench Project started here.

[04:15] Clue 6: A well known worker-owned bakery cooperative, Arizmendi, opened their first location in San Francisco in this neighborhood.

[04:43] Clue 7: This neighborhood used to have a very famous video rental store – today it is a book store!

[05:26] Clue 8: World class scientific discoveries and trend-setting public health policy research comes from the institution, which also happens to be this neighborhood’s biggest employer – UCSF.

[06:00] Clue 9: If you are going to the Japanese Tea Garden, the Conservatory of Flowers, the de Young Museum, the California Academy of Sciences or the Bison Paddock, from this neighborhood, leave your car at home as walking will get you there quicker!

[06:45] Clue 10: The most heavily used light rail line in the city serves this neighborhood.

[07:11] And finally: Within the bounds of this neighborhood you will find, Alice Fong Yu School, the very first Chinese immersion public school in the country.

Tune in next week for the reveal!

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