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Are You Smarter Than A Realtor: Round 3

Season 3, Ep. 80

Last week we played round two of guess the neighborhood. In today’s episode of Escrow Out Loud, our San Francisco Real Estate podcast, we reveal the answer and keep the game going with round 3 (If you missed previous two rounds have a listen to our two most recent episodes).

[00:43] The answer to episode 79's neighborhood is: San Francisco MLS District 2F, otherwise known as the Inner Sunset.

And on to another San Francisco neighborhood!

[01:18] Clue 1: The 57 giant steel and concrete sections that make up the 3.8 mile transbay tube for the BART system were fabricated in this neighborhood.

[01:56] Clue 2: There is a historic area within the boundaries of this neighborhood due to the large number of pre-1906 Victorians that survived the great quake and fire of 1906.

[02:42] Clue 3: In this neighborhood you can be in Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and Michigan without leaving San Francisco.

[03:21] Clue 4: One of the city’s top 5 largest redevelopment projects is underway in this neighborhood.

[03:52] Clue 5: A popular park is named for a once iconic San Francisco clothing company (Esprit), that is no longer headquartered in the city, within the boundaries of this neighborhood.

[04:31] Clue 6: Until the next one opens, the city's most recently added light rail line runs through this neighborhood.

[05:10] Clue 7: This neighborhood has miles of bay-front park and trails and it is known for sunny weather and warm temperatures.

[05:28] Clue 8: Ship building and repair thrived in this neighborhood for over 150 years; repair still continues.

[06:10] Clue 9: Legend has it that the name for this neighborhood comes from stray animals eating discarded remnants from an old neighborhood slaughterhouse.

[06:32] Clue 10: The city’s oldest public school building (dating back to 1895) as well as the headquarters for the Hell’s Angels Bikers Club are in this neighborhood.

Tune in next week, when we reveal the answer to this weeks neighborhood!

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