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Monumental Mistakes of San Francisco, Episode 73

Season 3, Ep. 73

In today’s episode of Escrow Out Loud, our San Francisco Real Estate podcast, we talk about how, in San Francisco, our past does not live up to our ideals.

[00:28] Compassion, brotherhood, love. These are just some of our values in San Francisco. But do we always live up to these ideals?

The history of Sutro Baths is one example where we have some bad history. More recently a statue, Early Days, has been making the news due to to its portrayal of California history. Another example is the renaming of streets like Phelan.

[07:24] In addition to all the street name changes throughout San Francisco, the Embarcadero Plaza has also had a name change. It was once known as Justin Herman Plaza. So, why has Justin Herman’s name been stripped and the Plaza renamed?

[11:14] It’s not all bad though. To wrap up we give some shout-outs to the incredible women that have been a large part of San Francisco’s history. Namely: Julia Morgan, Dorothea Lange, Maya Angelou and finally Ruth Asawa. Thank You!

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