San Francisco Real Estate: Escrow Out Loud


To Stage, Or Not to Stage

Season 4, Ep. 89

In today’s episode of Escrow Out Loud, our San Francisco Real Estate podcast, we have a very special guest star: our friend and client Kay.

[00:44] Kay shares a little of her background with us. We also learn how she came to buy her lovely house in Burlingame almost forty years ago which was almost brand new at the time.

[03:46] Other than the perfect location, the two other features that made Kay fall in love with the house were the easy upkeep and the huge closets!

[05:24] This summer we accidentally found her second dream home, so we needed to get Kay’s home in Burlingame on the market fast. Kay explains it was a challenge of getting her home ready for sale while still living in it.

[07:14] Initially, we tried to sell Kay’s house as is, with all her furniture but didn't have much luck. We then moved Kay out, revamped and staged the house before trying again. What was the second process like in comparison to the first time around?

[09:29] The unique thing about selling a house is the emotional component that comes with it. After all the renovations Kay’s home was completely transformed. Did it hurt her feelings having to do this or was it exciting?

[14:30] The house was put on the market the second time and this time it sold within ten days, over asking price. Looking back on all of the drama, was it all worth it?

[15:09] Interestingly, after looking at numerous properties, the new house Kay ended up buying was also staged. What advice does she have for anyone considering selling their place while still living in it?

[16:46] While selling a home is a very emotional process, the aim is to make as much money as possible. To achieve this, it needs to look as good as possible.

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