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Who is CASA? And What is the CASA Compact?

Season 3, Ep. 72

In today’s episode of Escrow Out Loud, our San Francisco Real Estate podcast we demystify some new acronyms that have surfaced as a result of the new housing bills that have been introduced.

[00:29] A housing crisis means new housing bills in the legislature and that means new acronyms and jargon. We jump right in with an acronym that doesn't exactly ‘acronymize’, the CASA Compact.

What does it stand for and why is it important?

[06:38] The CASA Compact acronym was formed by two other acronyms: the MTC and the ABAG. We explain what these are and what the nine San Francisco Bay Area Counties are that MTC is legally responsible for.

[09:32] You might be wondering who is on the CASA Compact committee? Luckily, Matt has the answer.

[10:24] In San Francisco we have a problem with NIMBYism at different levels and it lead us where we are today! There is always a lot of resistance to change and it is too soon to say what is going to happen with David Chiu’s bill at this point.

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