San Francisco Real Estate: Escrow Out Loud


Bill Drypolcher, SF Real Estate Icon

Season 5, Ep. 111

In this episode Britton and I have a very special guest joining us, one of the four original founders of Zephyr Real Estate. Zephyr is where Britton and I both started in real estate, and some of my earliest memories are of hearing war stories from This industry veteran over lunch in the break room. 

Our guest built Zephyr Real Estate from brand new in 1978 to the largest independent real estate brokerage in San Francisco, with seven offices, more than 300 agents and over $2 billion in annual sales at its peak. While serving as President of Zephyr his creative leadership approach celebrated the company’s unique independent spirit - a driving force in its success. In 2020, Zephyr Real Estate became Corcoran Global Living, a franchisee of Corcoran Real Estate, and sadly, the end of the Zephyr brand.

Now retired from day to day operations and enjoying his time split between Hawaii and California, our guest was once a collegiate wrestler, is a US military veteran, a fellow Past President of the San Francisco Association of Realtors, and is also a husband and father. Joining us today from Hawaii is a man we’ve long personally admired, Bill Drypolcher. Welcome Bill, let’s jump into this!  

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