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Are You Smarter Than A Realtor? Neighborhood #1

Season 3, Ep. 78

As our listeners are probably aware by now, we love different San Francisco neighborhoods. In this episode of Escrow Out Loud, our San Francisco Real Estate podcast, we play a little game. Matt will give us 10(+1) hints to see if we can guess which San Francisco neighborhood he is thinking of today.

[00:45] Clue 1: Donald Trump Jr’s current girlfriend and former Fox News personality once lived in this neighborhood with our current state governor.

[01:18] Clue 2: It contains a park which was once a rock quarry but was turned into a park by John McLaren (also designed the Golden Gate Park).

[01:44] Clue 3: Another park in this neighborhood was once home to the first astronomical observatory on the west coast?

[02:15] Clue 4: In this neighborhood we have the most expensive stock cooperative home to ever sell in San Francisco, but not the most expensive condo.

[02:30] Clue 5: In this neighborhood Alma Spreckels once built a massive mansion across from the park. How massive? The current owner once had street parking permits for 26 cars.

[03:25] Clue 6: This is a very expensive neighborhood. In fact so far, six single family homes have sold for a total of $80 million and 12 condos have sold for a total of $24 million. The math equals expensive.

[03:59] Clue 7: More than five properties in the neighborhood have sold for more than 20 million dollars and it is home to four of the most expensive sales in San Francisco in the last two months.

[04:19] Clue 8: I wouldn't be lyin' if I said the view from the top of these stairs was spectacular.

[04:34] Clue 9: Mrs Doubtfire has her home in this neighborhood!

[05:01] Clue 10: Other notable residents’ job descriptions include oil heirs/heiresses, Fortune 100 software CEO’s, and titans of finance. Extra hint: Billionaires’ row is not marketing hyperbole here, it's a factual statement.

Do you know what neighborhood we are talking about? Tune in to next week’s episode for an answer.

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