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Are You Smarter Than A Realtor: Round 8

Ep. 87

In today’s episode of Escrow Out Loud, our San Francisco Real Estate podcast, we uncover the answer to the last neighborhood riddle and continue the game with new clues!

[00:21] Last round’s answer: Russian Hill.

[00:50] Clue 1: The two best known features of this neighborhood are called Eureka and Noe, the two summits in the neighborhood for those seeking great views of the city.

[01:22] Clue 2: There is also a lesser know summit in the neighborhood called, Christmas Tree Point.

[01:50] Clue 3: This neighborhood contains the geographic center of the city.

[02:09] Clue 4: It’s also home to the Sutro Tower.

[03:08] Clue 5: One of the most defining characteristics of this neighborhood is fog.

[04:06] Clue 6: There is an endangered species that calls this neighborhood home, the Mission Blue Butterfly.

[05:22] Clue 7: The Mission Blue Butterfly’s habitat, and other sections of the summits, have been deemed a natural area and are protected by the Natural Areas Program of the SF Recreation and Parks department.

[05:55] Clue 8: Located in this neighborhood, the city also invested in the Summit Reservoir that holds 14 million gallons of drinking water, also used by the firefighters.

[06:53] Clue 9: The Neighborhood Improvement Association has discouraged business permits in the neighborhood but there are plenty of places to eat and shop along its edges.

[07:19] Clue 10: This neighborhood is North of Diamond Heights, South of Cole Valley, West of The Castro and East of Forest Hill.

As always, tune in next time, when we reveal the answer to this week’s neighborhood!

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