San Francisco Real Estate: Escrow Out Loud


Are You Smarter Than A Realtor: Round 5

Season 3, Ep. 83

In today’s episode of Escrow Out Loud, our San Francisco Real Estate podcast, we’re playing round five of the Neighborhood Guessing Game! Controversy surrounds this neighborhood name. Where did it come from and why? And how do you properly capitalize it? Listen in! We also reveal the neighborhood from the previous round.

[00:22] Last round’s answer: Polk Gulch, the original gay neighborhood in San Francisco.

[00:49] Clue 1: A restaurant just outside the border of this neighborhood, popularized the name of it.

[01:12] Clue 2: This neighborhood was first established under a different name in 1855 and it encompassed roughly 500 sq blocks.

[01:45] Clue 3: On two sides it borders parks but there is not a single park within the boundaries of this neighborhood.

[02:11] Clue 4: The eastern border of this neighborhood is the Divisadero Street which is full of boutiques, restaurants, vintage shops etc.

[02:43] Clue 5: The neighborhoods western border opens right up into the parts of the USF campus.

[02:55] Clue 6: Some say that the name for this neighborhood was created during the gentrification of the neighborhood. Another theory is that the new name was created by the Neighborhood Association.

[04:00] Clue 7: While there are no parks in this neighborhood, it is home to a large hospital that fills two city blocks.

[04:22] Clue 8: In this neighborhood you can also buy sweets from the Meter Maid Chariot.

[05:11] Clue 9: You can also get another tasty San Francisco frozen treat (that tourists from all over the globe come to sample) in this neighborhood.

[05:36] Clue 10: It is also a great neighborhood to cycle in as it is fairly flat!

[06:17] Bonus Clue: An issue that is somewhat controversial is: how many letters in the abbreviation for this neighborhood should be capitalized? Britton says two.

As always, tune in next week, when we reveal the answer to this week’s neighborhood!

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