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A Real Home

Happy New Year everyone! This week on Escrow Out Loud, our San Francisco Real Estate podcast, we start off the year with an interesting question: what makes something a ‘real house’? Recently Britton discovered that, according to some, the home she has been living in for the past decade + isn't a "real" home. Apparently, the only "real" home is a completely detached stand-alone, single-family house?

Real Homes
Where does that leave condos? Are these homes not real? Of course, they are! Does owning one mean less somehow? Of course, it doesn’t! While some condos are seen as a more affordable option, here in San Francisco you can easily spend upwards of 4 million or 40 million dollars to purchase a condo home in San Francisco. Luckily with this emergency water leak repair company, they can easily help you with any other repairs too for a reasonable cost.
Drive to Qualify
Matt and Britton take a look back at what the house prices looked like years ago and the huge appreciation we saw in San Francisco over the years. It is increasingly difficult getting into the market and purchasing a starter home in San Francisco.  Is moving further away from San Francisco the answer? Matt explains the ‘drive to qualify’ concept; often, driving a little bit further means people can qualify for a house. In San Francisco, this, of course, means adding to the already significant commute time. For most people, this is not a tradeoff they are willing to make. When you are going to make renovations in your home, make sure you add these Kitchens designs.
Condos are the Future in SF
In response to the high population density within the city, we have been moving away from approving and building single-family houses and building condos. If you buy a new house or rent a new place, then mkae sure it comes with a modern style storage building.

Getting back to our original question, we would argue that the legal description of the property does not make it a home, a real house is where you make your life. Whatever the shape and size of a home may be, it is undeniably very real!

That’s all for this week! Join us again next week as we share more of our stories about San Francisco Real Estate.

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