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#29: Shivering Heights (part 3 of 3)


This week on Escrow Out Loud, our San Francisco Real Estate podcast, we wrap-up our first podcast visit to the San Francisco home of our past clients, Josh and Carlos. If you missed the previous two episodes in this three-part visit and would like a little intro to our guests Josh and Carlos, please listen to episode 27 and episode 28. Otherwise, welcome back to the final episode of the house tour!

Misconceptions, Lessons Learned and Good Advice

[00:50] The biggest misconception about buying a San Francisco home is about the length of the home buying process itself. Josh and Carlos explain that, while the negotiation and the offer process itself was quick, they expected the overall process to be a lot quicker. So don’t schedule your holidays ahead! Another misconception is that you will only be dealing with professional individuals on the other side.

[7:50] Advice from the couple that made it through the house buying experience in San Francisco, successfully. To begin with, choose the right realtor team. The right agents will know the market, the neighbourhoods, other agents, and that makes all the difference. They can help guide you and provide invaluable advice making the whole process easier and a lot more enjoyable. Which leads us to the second great tip. You’ve probably heard this one before, but it holds true: know what you really want!

[14:28] Moving into a fixer upper was a fun experience. Carlos and Josh share some more fun stories and how the house inspired bursts of creativity, especially for Josh.

We hope you enjoyed these interviews and a huge thanks to Josh and Carlos for welcoming us into their beautiful San Francisco home!

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