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#48: Water, Water, Water

This week on Escrow Out Loud, our San Francisco Real Estate podcast, we wrap-up our conversation with David Milne, from Arch Home Inspection. If you missed the beginning of our interview, check out our previous two episodes!

[00:21] Buyers will commonly do their homework before the home inspection. This allows them to come prepared with questions. A home inspection however, will offer a different perspective and guidance, so buyers don’t have to worry about missing important details.

[01:24] We talk water! The most worrisome issues are usually somehow water related. David explains that we have to address water issues such as with dealing with rain, considering drainage and subterranean water.

[05:03] Each inspector has their own particular style. David explains how he tries to put things in perspective and get everyone engaged. How does he ensure that he is being fair to all parties involved while being realistic about the condition of the property?

[09:13] Building contractors look at materials differently to most people. Paint is a great example of this; most of us look at paint from an aesthetic point of view, but for David paint is a vehicle for keeping water out.

[11:24] Most of us will have our Spidey senses kick in as we clock-on to a certain vibe when stepping inside a property. David shares some tell-tale signs that there is something more going on that alert him to look closer. Open windows, candles and dehumidifiers are some great examples.

[14:31] Why are there no plastic pipes in San Francisco? In David’s experience logic does not always apply.

[17:54] To wrap up, David shares one way of looking at buying homes in San Francisco. With an old city such as this, when you are buying a house you are buying a piece of history.

Thank you for joining us for this week’s episode. We hope you enjoyed tuning in and join us again next week!

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