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#37: This Month's Mayor's Race

Ep. 37

For the last three months just about all anybody has been talking about in San Francisco is the upcoming mayoral election. So naturally, this week on Escrow Out Loud, our San Francisco Real Estate podcast, we talk about politics!

[00:20] What an eventful year it has been so far. We kick things off with Aaron Peskin, his recent criticism of the San Francisco’s Fire Department, and the role he played in getting London Breed deposed as the interim mayor.

[02:08] So who are the candidates for San Francisco mayor? There are eight in all, with the front-running four being: London Breed, Jane Kim, Mark Leno and Angela Alioto. Because most people in San Francisco fall somewhere on the progressive liberal political scale, identity politics often come into play during election time. But is this going to be the defining factor? The big question of the race is: Will identity politics win out over policy? According to the latest polls, the favorites to win are London Breed and Jane Kim. In the event of a close race, San Francisco uses a ranked choice voting; how does this work?

[08:26] Some of the big issues that people will be voting on are housing, municipal services and homelessness. It seems that being a ‘flaming lefty’ is the easy route to take in San Francisco, but is this approach the answer to everything? Britton explains what her reasons for supporting London Breed are, including the fact that she is smart, realistic and has the right motivations in undertaking such a challenging role. The increase in homelessness and a growing sense of disconnect in the community are just some of the changes we’ve seen in the city, so there is a lot on the plate for whoever takes up the position next.

Thank you for joining us for this week’s episode. We hope you enjoyed this episode and join us again next week for more San Francisco real estate stories!

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