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Operational Implications of Digital Transformation with Bill Sanders

Season 3, Ep. 58
Bill Sanders is the founder and managing director of Roebling Strauss, a business transformation and process innovation consultancy in the San Francisco Bay Area. A co-author of From Hierarcy to High Performance Bill specializes in helping operations adapt and implement strategy. In this episode he and host Dawna Jones explore the challenges and ways to implement a strategy for addressing digital transformation so that a company can remain viable as the economic and market environment changes. They also talk about how companies place additional stress on employees by being unaware of the complex interrelationships embedded in the demands to deliver, remain agile and perform the day to day in the face of metrics that work against implementation. They explore:The importance of paying attention to digital transformation.Why much human potential is not being tapped by existing company practices and how to change thatWhy being busy doesn't drive productivity or prioritiesHow to ensure strategy does not get buried by day to dayWhere the conflict in priorities exists between day to day and digital transformation.Prior to establishing Roebling Strauss, Bill held executive positions at Publicis Dialog and Real Branding. Bill was a founding member of ROCGConsulting, andhelped launch and later ran the first ecommerce site for Mattel Interactive.Bill has helped more than 200 organizations, including such global brands as Google, Microsoft, PepsiCo, General Mills, Lipton, Hewlett-Packard, Sprint, and WebEx. He’s conducted business in three continents, is a past president of the San Francisco American Marketing Association, and has published in the American Management Association’s quarterly journal, and provides commentary in the media on issues in organizational culture, productivity, and innovation.Intro music is donated by MarkRomeroMusic from a track called Alignment.

Designing Workplaces to Support Healthy Human Interaction- Ricardo Peralta and Vladic Roskin

Season 3, Ep. 57
Have you ever walked into a workplace, perhaps yours, and felt 'off'? Or noticed that you feel better when you're not at work? Architects Ricardo Peralta and Vladic Roskin are dedicated to changing that feeling by designing workspaces people love. By paying attention to sound, light, flow, green spaces and the tone and mood, they've found that companies benefit. In this conversation we talk about environmental physics and how you design workspaces as a strategic decision.Healthy human interaction relies not just on personal and interpersonal skills but also on the way the space supports interaction. In Decision Making for Dummies I included the reported statistic from a large drug manufacturer that decision-making speed and accuracy improved 47% when consideration was given to people flow.Vladic Roskin is an architect who believes that, at its best, architecturehas the unparalleledability to implicitly influence our behaviours - how we feel, think and engage with others.He is the co-founder at design and innovation consultancy Places People Love that supports leaders in transforming their organizations, environments and people by understanding human interactions with technology, culture and physical space.Fascinated by the various ways our built environment can stimulate a deeper engagement with ourselves and others, Vladic has cultivated a deep passion for human nature enriched by nearly a decade of architectural design experience. His collaborations with renowned architects, purpose-driven entrepreneurs and social enterprises resulted in successful projects in the private and public sphere.Vladic holds a masters degree in engineering sciences and architecture and is on a life-long quest to uncover the mysteries of the human mind. His work is supported by a decade of research and personal experiences living across cultures, travelling to awe-inspiring places and encounters with visionary individuals. Ricardo Peralta is an architect and an urban planner passionate about integrating different disciplines with ancient wisdom to create spaces that nurture and heal. His explorations have led him from design to interdisciplinary healing forms; from organizational strategy to deeper practices of spiritual development.He has participated in the design of numerous large-scale projects, residential and commercial developments, office complexes,eco-resorts, eco-communities, and retreat centers. He was also part of ateam that created three entirely new cities based on an innovative holistic approach to urban planning and wellbeing. Ricardo sees architecture as an instrument to connect to one's soul and spirit,enjoys life'scelebration, treasures the warmth of a hug, and strives to live a life rooted in the wisdom of the heart. Ricardo has consulted for projects in Canada, the USA, Mexico, Central and South America, Africa, and Europe.He is the other co-founder at design & innovation consultancy Places People Love.Intro music is courtesy of Mark Romero Music.

Battle4Humanity-Engaging Young People in Tackling Big Issues

Season 2, Ep. 55
Battle4Humanity is a social movement and mobile game that takes you into superhero zone by participating in making the world better. Complete a mission and transform your community. Jessica Murrey is the inspiration behind Battle4Humanity. She talks to Dawna about the three key ways ordinary people can team up to do extraordinary things.Jessica Murrey is an awarding-winning communications specialist and common ground activist. She is the creative mind behind Battle for Humanity, a mobile game designed to forge real-life heroes. Jess specializes in social change communication, awareness campaigns, and getting in the audience’s head. At age 24, She received a Northwest Regional Emmy for Community Service for her lead role in “Don’t Turn Away,” an anti-child abuse media campaign. Months later, her PSA “Meth Mirror” won Oregon Association of Broadcasters' Award for “Best PSA 2012”. Since then, she spent four years running Search for Common Ground’s global communication department. During that time, she established new organizational branding, messaging, internal systems of content gathering and distribution, and strengthened programs’ capacity in storytelling, social media, and brand creation. She has developed communication strategies and awareness campaigns for projects from Kyrgyzstan to Nigeria to Myanmar, and major international events like the Global Forum on Youth Peace and Security. Most recently, Jessica returned from giving a Social Change Communication training in Colombia around mobilizing citizens towards reconciliation in a post-conflict situation.Learn more about Battle4Humanity at http://www.Battle4Humanity.comThis is a time when more than ever together we can strengthen our humanity in the face of forces that would suppress it. Taking charge of how each person responds to conflict constructively will make a difference to how we treat and see each other in the world. - Dawna JonesIntro music is by Mark Romero Music.

Flipping Negative Stories About Young People and Violence into the Truth

Season 2, Ep. 54
While people flee violence in their home nations, young people are pressured to join in leaving many to conclude they are the perpetrators. Saji Prelis breaks open a lot of assumptions about the source of conflict, who the victims are statistically, and sheds light on how technology has formed a violence of exclusion particularly in the key decisions impacting the lives of young people. Young people are choosing to stay in their home nations, even in the face of peril to build a future of hope from within. In this conversation you will hear their stories and what is being done around the world for humans to do a better job of handling their differences.Guest Lakshitha Saji Prelis is the Co-Chair, UN-INGO-Donor Inter-Agency Working Group, Youth and Peacebuilding; Director, Children & Youth Programs, Search for Common Ground. Saji has over twenty years’ experience working with youth movements and youth focused organizations in conflict and transition environments in over 35 countries throughout the world. Six years ago he co-founded and has been co-chairing the first UN-INGO--Donor working group on Youth and Peacebuilding that helped successfully advocate for the historic UN Security Council Resolution 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security.Prior to joining SFCG, he was the founding director of the Peacebuilding & Development Institute at American University where he co-developed training curricula exploring the nexus of peace building with development.Find the resource list here:…ce-truth-podcast/Saji Prelis has served as an adviser to governments and governmental agencies in over a dozen countries. He has also played an advisory role to the Commonwealth Secretariat and Commonwealth Ministers on youth and peacebuilding.In June 2017, Mr. Prelis received the distinguished Luxembourg Peace Prize for his Outstanding Achievements in Peace Support.Follow him on Twitter: @NetworkforyouthLinks mentioned in this episode include: Search for Common Ground: tools and resources: music by Mark Romero Music