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Trever's Love Letter To Stop Mo

Ep. 16

Trever returns from the animation trenches in LA to tell juicy stories about how stop-mo folks roll down south. 

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  • 17. Open The Port-Land

    Rob and Trever dig deep into stop-motion wunderkind collective OPEN THE PORTAL to see what's hiding in their liquor closet and their hearts. 
  • 15. A Tale of Two Suzies

    Rob holds down the fort with Suzanne Moulton & Suzanne Twining and their AMAZING stop-motion project! 
  • 14. The Whistling Factory with Jesse McManus

    Character Designer, Animator, Graphic Novelist, Zine-ist and all-around warm human, Jesse McManus stops by the cabin to walk us through his childhood and how the hell he ended up in Portland. Check out his work!
  • 13. The Mello Method

    Master puppet maker Katie Mello drops into the cabin to talk about the Star Wars vault and early Vinton days. And Grape loses it.
  • 13. A Song Of Clay and ZBrush

    Live from the Museum of Science and Industry, the boys grill world-renowned sculptor Damon Bard on the 40+ feature films he’s worked on. The talk features work projected on their iMax screen which folks can view in real time in Damon’s website:
  • 12. Pitch Imperfect

    Live (kinda, but not really) from Los Angeles - the boys broadcast from a cramped rental car outside a major Hollywood Studio and talk about what it's like to pitch animated projects
  • 11. Surprise! Surprise!

    Episode 11 marks the 1-year anniversary of Indie Animation! Rob cooks up a surprise interrogation from the cabin and the Pig gives everyone the cold shoulder. 
  • 10. The Everywhere Man: Dan Driscoll

    Far too many credits to list here in the description; Dan Driscoll is a stop-motion animation legend with roots on both coasts - and, he's an accidental reality TV star :)