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  • 76. Solocast - Bridging the Gap of Religion & Spirituality - Topic: Desires vs Restriction

    PLEASE RATE THIS EPISODE AND SHARE IT WITH 5 FRIENDS WHO THIS MESSAGE WOULD BLESS! In this new series, titled Bridging the Gap Between Religion & Spirituality, my goal is to educate and teach a divine wisdom that has been imparted for the purpose of sharing, evangelizing, and prophesying.Today's episode is on the topic of desire, punishment, wrath of God, restriction, self control and much more on the spectrum of Gods discipline.We will discuss the following:The purpose of God as a FatherThe purpose and function of God's disciplineThe purpose and origin of our desiresHow to shift from "away from" mentality to a "desire towards" mentalityHow to distinguish if a desire is from God...or somewhere elseHow God "punishes" and how to shift our view of Him as an angry GodAnd so much more....Of course this is not an exhaustive list, however it paints a picture of how God intended us to live on the Earth He created for us to enjoy.It's my goal to help clear the air for as many people as possible in a time when people are burned and burnt out from religious hogwash, and are quickly getting sucked into a blackhole with New Age spirituality. There is a Truth in all of this, and the answer is somewhere in the middle.If you can remain open and humble, your heart will hear and know Truth, and if it doesn't feel true for you, take what is needed and discard the rest.Sponsors:Links:Retreat - Reignite in the Red RocksInstagramFaceBookYouTubeOrder JuicePlus+Spark - The Holistic Wellness CompanyEmail me :

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  • 75. Season 2: Episode 75 - Kute Blackson - Surrender & Following Your Soul Path

    PLEASE RATE SHARE AND DONATE TO THIS SHOW!Kute Blackson is a beloved inspirational speaker and transformational teacher.  He is author of the national bestselling book You.Are.The.One. and The Magic of Surrender. He is widely considered the next generation leader in the field of personal development and has been featured on Larry King Now, Fox and Friends, Dr. Drew, as well, Inc magazine calls him ‘The Mindfulness Guru Billionaires Go To For Advice’.Kute has been featured on Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu and his book has been endorsed by people like Les Brown and Jack Canfield.Kute joins us on the show today as we dive into:In this episode we discuss:What misalignment feels likeFollowing your soul’s purposeThe purpose of painSurrendering in order to thriveAnd much more…You can find Kute at the links below:
  • 74. Season 2: Episode 74 - Solocast: Growing Pains & Knowing the Difference Between Pain and Discomfort

    PLEASE RATE AND SHARE THIS EPISODE ON SPOTIFY AND APPLE - if you want to support this show and the content being delivered to you for free....please hit the donate button below! this episode I'll discuss:The difference between pain and discomfort when you are growingHow to use each of these as a guideThe Difference between being hurt by someone and being harmed by themHow to use each of these as a guideFinding euphoria in growthHow to leave relationships with love and peaceAnd more....Thank you for your continued support Sponsors:Links:Retreat - Reignite in the Red RocksInstagramFaceBookYouTubeOrder JuicePlus+Spark - The Holistic Wellness CompanyEmail me :
  • 73. Season 2 - Episode 73 - Billy G: Getting to Know Christ, Becoming One & Remembering

    PLEASE RATE AND SHARE THIS EPISODE - SUBSCRIBE AND DONATE!On today's episode, we sit down once again with Billy G to discuss the hidden and supposedly secret texts that were removed from the Bible. At the very least they provide a larger version and depiction of Jesus Christ.On this episode we talk about:Hidden books of the BibleThe true message of Jesus - OnenessThe path Jesus walkedBelief systems and the desire for all to learnBuilding a relationship with GodAnd so much more....We invite you dive in with an open mind and heart. Receive what applies to you and feels true in your heart and let the rest go. We are each on our own separate path, all as a part of the One and you'll know what you need at this point in your own journey.With love,Sarah
  • 72. Mark England - Boredom is the Root, & Leadership & Community

    PLEASE RATE AND SHARE THIS EPISODE TO HELP GROW AWARENESS OF THIS SHOW!Mark England is back on the show and this time we're talking leadership, community building, and some deeper spirituality in a simple way.Want to know what Mark's discontent is? - BOREDOM.Mark has a hidden genius that we get to see in this episode that lies behind the creator of a large and rapidly growing community and certification process called The Enlifted Method. Mark was on the show over a year ago where we talked about language, language games and story work. Later, I came into Mark's courses and became an Enlifted Certified Coach myself, where I use the method in my own coaching, workshops and as a part of my own program in my retreats.Today we get to talk about the deeper side of why and how Mark does what he does and his outlooks and theories of the world today along.Mark will always make you laugh, no matter what kind of show he is on, and he'll be back in 6 months so we can continue our evolution together and keep you al in tune.On this episode we discuss:What is leadership?How a community builds itselfWhat the root cause is of most of our confusion todayHow our stories shape our livesThe Tao, Alan Watts and Mark EnglandFun and learningAnd so much more...As always, PLEASE RATE AND SHARE THIS EPISODE and turn on your notifications so you are alerted when new episodes get released!Find Mark's Enlifted Community on IG Sign up for the enlifted course and become certified as a level 1 Enlifted Coach:HereSponsors:Links:Retreat - Reignite in the Red RocksInstagramFaceBookYouTubeOrder JuicePlus+Spark - The Holistic Wellness CompanyEmail me :
  • 71. Relationship-Cast: James Jarvis & Sarah: Harmonizing the Masculine Feminine Within For Your Relationship to Thrive

    PLEASE RATE AND SHARE THIS EPISODE TO HELP REACH MORE PEOPLE!My partner James and I sit down to discuss the journey to meeting each other and our relationship as divine counterparts. It was a long and arduous journey for the both of us in order to grow and heal individually to be ready for each other.Our journeys were parallel in a way of what it took in order for us to complete karmic cycles and recognize that God had prepared us for each other.A rare and cadid episode on the show, the entire first 3 minutes is some behind the scenes conversation of the two of us getting "ready" for the show.On this show we discuss:Our previous failed relationships and why they were necessary for our growthWhy we should be patient in finding loveHow toxic masculinity and femininity affects and disconnects relationshipsWhy it's important not to settleWhy we typically marry our mom or dadHow conflict has drawn us closerAnd so much more.....Listen to this episode with your significant other, or if you're single. We hope to offer hope to you if you are single, courage to the couples and ultimately a new way to love and discover relationship!Follow James and his photography on Instagram @horsewhistlerphotagraphyThank you for listening, enjoy the show and if you like this episode, please rate the show and share this with someone you know!With love,Sarah
  • 70. Season 2 - Episode 70 - Mike Schwartz: The Power of Music as Medicine

    PLEASE SHARE AND RATE THIS EPISODE!On this episode, Mike Schwartz, creative artist and musician, and I sit down to play with music and discuss it's healing potential when combined with the power of creativity and word magic.Mike Schwartz, better known by his stage name "bravebear" is The Trusted Authority of Musician Wellness and has pioneered the Music Is Medicine movement. With nearly two decades in the Strength and Conditioning game and holding a Cert 4 in Fitness, a CHEK HLC and an Enlifted Level 2 Certification, his magic expands beyond the stage. He believes in the power of interaction and intimacy, fostering a sense of community among his listeners. During his performances, he invites the audience to participate, creating a space for shared experiences and personal reflections. Whether through journaling exercises, breathwork, or group activities, he encourages his listeners to delve deeper into their own stories, connecting with both themselves and with each other.Moreover, bravebear's love for the land and its wisdom shines through his music. He is deeply rooted in the belief that our connection to nature is fundamental to our well-being. In his songs, he celebrates the beauty of life, reminding us of our responsibility to protect and honour it. Through his music, he instills a sense of reverence and gratitude for the natural world, encouraging his listeners to be conscious stewards of the land.Bravebear's music is an invitation—an invitation to discover the depths of one's own soul, to find solace in the shared human experience, and to reconnect with the sacredness of the world around us. His performances are an immersive and transformative journey, leaving a lasting impact on all who have the opportunity of participating.For more on bravebear and his upcoming tour dates, merch, music and to join his conscious creative community "The HIber-NATION", please head to www.bravebearmusic.comFollow along on instagram @yobravebear Oh hey, being a super producer and musician, he also helps coaches and creatives set up and monetize their message through the art of podcasting. Learn more about the PRO Podcast Playbook and join the waitlist at www.propodcastplaybook.comGo from No Pod to PRO pod in 90 days! - follow along on the gram at @miketheschwartz----------------------------------------EPK: The Seven Generations and The Seven Grandfather Teachings by James Vukelich One Mind: How Our Individual Mind is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why it Matters by Dr. Larry Dossey