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  • 85. Creating Thriving Relationships

    This episode is about creating thriving relationships and understanding what to know before, during, and after relationships. It emphasizes the importance of healing and doing inner work before entering a partnership. It also discusses the need for interdependence rather than codependence or independence in relationships.The episode explores the significance of common values and embracing different personalities in a partnership. It highlights the importance of managing attachment and keeping conversations focused on growth rather than change. It also encourages taking ownership of one's own reactions and emotions in the relationship. In this episode, Sarah discusses the importance of self-awareness, healing, and growth in relationships. She emphasizes the need to understand and communicate our own needs and triggers, as well as validate our partner's feelings and experiences.Sarah also encourages speaking up about small issues early on to avoid bigger conflicts later. She highlights the significance of making daily deposits in the relationship, focusing on the partner's love language and lifting them up. Sarah advises taking responsibility for our own wounds and traumas while asking for help from our partner. She emphasizes the importance of having fun, having a common mission, and challenging each other to grow. Sarah also provides guidance on navigating breakups and the importance of self-love and self-sufficiency before entering a new relationship.Chapters00:00 Introduction and Purpose of the Episode08:06 Interdependence: Balancing Independence and Connection28:14 Managing Attachment: Keeping a Healthy Balance45:23 Taking Ownership: Personal Growth in Relationships57:31 Self-Awareness and Healing in Relationships01:05:30 Making Daily Deposits in the Relationship01:16:45 Navigating Breakups and Focusing on Self-HealingTakeawaysHealing and doing inner work before entering a partnership is crucial for creating thriving relationships.Interdependence, where both partners are responsible for their own needs and support each other, is healthier than codependence or independence.Common values are more important than common interests in a relationship.Embracing different personalities and perspectives can enhance a partnership.Managing attachment and keeping conversations focused on growth rather than change is essential.Taking ownership of one's own reactions and emotions in the relationship is important for personal growth. Self-awareness, healing, and growth are crucial in relationships.Communicate your needs and triggers to your partner and validate their feelings and experiences.Address small issues early on to avoid bigger conflicts later.Make daily deposits in the relationship by focusing on your partner's love language and lifting them up.Take responsibility for your own wounds and traumas while asking for help from your partner.Have fun, find a common mission, and challenge each other to grow in the relationship.Navigate breakups by focusing on self-healing and self-love before entering a new relationship.

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  • 84. Freedom in Music - With Oly

    In this conversation, Sarah interviews Oli, an independent artist, about her background and music career. They discuss the challenges of being recognized for artistic brilliance, navigating the music industry, and setting boundaries. Oli shares her early musical influences and the role of music in her family. They explore the power and definition of love, the path to love, and the role of love in music creation. Oli also talks about her breakthrough song 'Bring Back the Summer' and how music has been a cathartic and healing journey for her. In this conversation, Oly discusses the importance of self-acceptance and finding one's tribe. She shares how she has learned not to take rejection personally and to love herself and her creative process. Oly also emphasizes the need to lighten up and have fun, as it enhances creativity. The impact of social media on self-fulfillment is explored, highlighting the need to focus on genuine connections and community. The conversation delves into the power of love and partnership in inspiring music and creativity. Oly shares her journey of trust and breaking down walls in her relationship. The importance of shared values in a partnership is emphasized. Oly discusses her new album and the themes that inspired it. She also shares her future plans and the exploration of new sounds. The conversation concludes with Oly giving advice to her younger self to have more fun.Find Oly here:InstagramWebsiteChapters00:00 Introduction and Background03:00 The Challenges of Being Recognized for Artistic Brilliance06:23 Navigating the Music Industry and Setting Boundaries07:28 Early Musical Influences and Childhood09:13 Sister's Influence and Collaboration11:51 Family Life and Love for Music12:48 Pursuing Music as a Career15:27 The Creative Process and Writing Songs18:03 The Power and Definition of Love20:32 The Infatuation with Love and True Love22:25 The Path to Love and the Human Experience25:37 The Role of Love in Music Creation30:07 The Creative Process and Emotional State34:15 The Breakthrough Song 'Bring Back the Summer'40:12 Music as Catharsis and Healing Journey41:32 The Importance of Self-Acceptance and Tribe42:59 Not Taking Rejection Personally43:56 The Importance of Lightening Up and Having Fun44:28 The Limitations of Taking Oneself Too Seriously45:07 The Impact of Social Media on Self-Fulfillment46:30 The Power of Community and the Irrelevance of Social Media47:36 Finding Love and Partnership48:36 The Journey of Trust and Breaking Down Walls49:46 The Influence of Love on Music and Creativity52:32 Balancing Work, Artistry, and Relationship57:24 The Importance of Shared Values in a Partnership01:00:08 Inspiration and Themes of the New Album01:05:52 Future Plans and Exploring New Sounds01:08:23 Advice to Younger Self: Have More Fun01:09:21 Where to Find Oly and Her MusicNew to me?➡️Follow me on Instagram or Facebook👂Listen & Subscribe on➡️Spotify➡️Apple☯Apply for Our Upcoming Retreat in Sedona!➡️Retreat - Reignite in the Red Rocks➡️My Websitewww.sparkflc.comEmail me :
  • 83. Solocast - What is True Love?

    In this episode, Sarah Malone explores the topics of relationship patterns, true love, and the power of love. She emphasizes the importance of recognizing and breaking unhealthy attachment styles and habits. Sarah explains that love is always enough and that choosing love over fear is essential for healthy relationships. She discusses the concept of unconditional love and the need to see the divine in everything. Sarah also highlights the significance of effective communication and the role of self-love in mental health. She concludes by emphasizing the choice to love and the importance of starting with self-love. In this conversation, Sarah discusses the truth about love and expectations, emphasizing that nobody can love you or know you the way you love and know yourself. She explains that maintaining love in relationships requires mutual effort and the choice to step back into love when conflicts arise. Sarah also encourages pursuing love and dreams, never giving up on what you truly love. She highlights the importance of understanding the spiritual aspects of love and how it can answer any questions or situations that arise. Sarah concludes by urging listeners to choose love over fear and be the love they wish to experience.TakeawaysNobody can love you or know you the way you love and know yourself.Maintaining love in relationships requires mutual effort and the choice to step back into love.Pursue love and dreams with passion and dedication.Understanding the spiritual aspects of love can answer any questions or situations that arise.Chapters00:00 Recognizing Relationship Patterns and Habits06:53 Understanding True Love09:10 Love is Always Enough11:05 Choosing Love Over Fear15:40 Unconditional Love17:05 Differentiating Love and Unhealthy Attachments20:37 Recognizing the Divine in Everything23:24 Love and Self-Recognition27:13 Choosing Love in Relationships36:20 The Importance of Effective Communication46:04 The Power of Love49:26 Self-Love and Mental Health55:45 The Choice to Love01:00:02 Extending Love to Others01:02:19 Starting with Self-Love01:03:29 The Truth About Love and Expectations01:04:23 Maintaining Love in Relationships01:05:27 Owning Your Love01:06:00 Pursuing Love and Dreams01:08:16 Never Stop Pursuing Love01:09:06 The Spiritual Solution to Love01:10:26 Understanding True Love01:11:12 Choosing Love Over Fear01:14:50 The Power of Understanding01:16:55 Be the Love You Wish to Experience
  • 82. Understanding Your Attachment Style in Relationships, Trauma Bonds, Triggers, Partnerships

    Please share this episode with someone you love! Rate this show on Spotify or Apple!In this episode, Sarah discusses the importance of attachment styles in relationships. She explains the three types of attachments: secure, anxious, and avoidant, and the four attachment styles within these types. Sarah emphasizes the significance of understanding one's own attachment style and that of their partner in order to build healthy relationships. She highlights the characteristics of a secure attachment and how it leads to secure and fulfilling partnerships. Sarah also emphasizes the need to develop internal security before entering into relationships and the importance of choosing partners with secure attachment styles. This conversation explores the topics of practicing and modeling secure attachment, understanding trauma bonds, navigating triggers, choosing healing and secure attachment, differentiating relationships from partnerships, responding to triggers in relationships, living a life of unattachment, and reaching spiritual wholeness.Takeaways•Understanding your own attachment style and that of your partner is crucial for building healthy relationships.•Secure attachment leads to secure and fulfilling partnerships.•Developing internal security is essential before entering into relationships.•Choosing partners with secure attachment styles is key to long-lasting and healthy relationships. Practicing and modeling secure attachment is essential in developing healthy relationships.•Trauma bonds are formed from extreme abuse and are different from insecure attachments.•Triggers are instances that remind us of unresolved wounds and can expose our attachment styles.•Healing involves recognizing triggers as opportunities for individual growth and increased intimacy in secure partnerships.•Partnerships prioritize collaboration, reciprocity, and the well-being of both individuals.•Living a life of unattachment allows for acceptance and appreciation of others without trying to change or mold them.•True love is based on secure attachment and unattachment, where individuals prioritize their own emotional needs and allow others to be themselves.•Secure relationships start with a secure relationship with oneself.Chapters00:00 Introduction and Importance of Attachment Styles08:24 Types of Attachments: Secure, Anxious, Avoidant22:24 Attachment Styles: Secure, Ambivalent Insecure, Avoidant Insecure, Disorganized Insecure43:47 What is a Secure Attachment?56:09 Choosing the Wrong Partners and the Importance of Secure Attachments01:00:05 Developing Internal Security and Practicing Secure Attachment01:04:03 Practicing and Modeling Secure Attachment01:04:45 Understanding Trauma Bonds01:09:00 Navigating Triggers01:19:03 Choosing Healing and Secure Attachment01:22:21 Relationships vs. Partnerships01:26:28 Responding to Triggers in Relationships01:30:17 Living a Life of Unattachment01:37:29 Reaching Spiritual Wholeness
  • Solocast - Reflecting on 2023, Projecting into 2024

    SummaryIn this episode, Sarah reflects on the past year and the opportunity it presented for healing and newness. She discusses the importance of inner alchemy and spiritual awakening, as well as the process of recovering from confusion. Sarah emphasizes the need to reconnect with God and the consequences of disconnecting from Him. She also discusses the upcoming revival and awakening in 2024 and the importance of finding peace and purpose in chaos. Sarah encourages listeners to let go of what is not working and build the new. She concludes by inviting everyone to reflect, connect, and project for the new year, with a focus on finding a closer relationship with Jesus.TakeawaysThe past year presented an opportunity for healing and newness through addressing and alchemizing internal issues.Reconnecting with God is essential for finding peace and purpose in chaotic times.2024 will bring a revival and awakening, with more people turning to Jesus.Letting go of what is not working and building the new is necessary for personal and societal growth.Chapters00:00 Reflecting on the Past Year03:03 Opportunity for Healing and Newness05:02 Inner Alchemy and Spiritual Awakening06:02 Recovering from Confusion09:47 Preparing for a Specific Purpose13:15 Disconnecting from God and the Consequences14:28 Reconnecting with God19:57 Revival and Awakening23:57 Finding Peace and Purpose in Chaos29:52 Experiencing Change and Building the New33:08 Letting Go and Building the New38:39 Reflect, Connect, and Project for 202441:40 Invitation to Find a Closer Relationship with Jesus
  • 80. Solocast - Manifesting VS Collaborating with God

    PLEASE RATE AND SHARE THIS EPISODE SO YOU CAN HELP US REACH AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE!Manifestation, vision board casting, goal setting, prayer....what's the difference and why does it even matter?A lot of people talk about manifesting certain things in their life and sometimes they see results, sometimes they don't. Why is that? What is the secret to REALLY creating a life of your dreams? One where you feel fulfilled, loved, joyful, and experience this life in a blissful way!In this episode we will talk aboutThe difference between goal setting, prayer and manifestationHow to ask for what you want while keeping the door open for the unknownFormula for powerful prayer3 ingredients for effective prayer / manifestationFinding the secret place of magic within manifestationEnjoy and please reach out to let me know what struck you or provoked a deep dive today!New to me?➡️Follow me on Instagram or Facebook👂Listen & Subscribe on➡️Spotify➡️Apple➡️YouTube☯Apply for Our Upcoming Retreat in Sedona!➡️Retreat - Reignite in the Red Rocks➡️My Websitewww.sparkflc.comEmail me :