Shifts Happen


HireHand presents Shifts Happen

Season 1

Hirehand helps people powered businesses build the perfect bench of bank staff by using intelligent matching to fill dropped shifts from an internal workforce. Scott Erwin, CEO and Founder, and Lucy Whittington, Head of Marketing, had really interesting conversations with CEOs, workforce planners, chief operating officers and other people involved in managing shifts and team and realized that these conversations have value and could really be useful out there.

And that’s when Shifts Happen – happened. Our aim is to pull out what’s working and bring you real examples and case studies along with ideas to get you thinking about how to make shifts happen in your own business and organization.

This podcast focuses on how to build your own bank and staff, how to switch from static staffing and move to a dynamic staffing model, how to handle increased demand for flexible working with growing great teams, how to manage changes to everything that impacts your workforce, the economy environment demand, how to handle the future of work and what to expect when the unexpected hits you.

We look forward to being in your ears and making shifts happen.

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