Shifts Happen


Episode #1: Our Philosophy of Shifts Working with Scott Erwin

Season 1, Ep. 1

Welcome to Episode #1 of Shifts Happen with Scott Erwin.

Workforce optimisation expert and former McKinsey Management Consultant, Scott Erwin, is the Founder and CEO of the flexible workforce platform HireHand. The SaaS company helps people-powered businesses build the ideal internal bank of flexible staff by using intelligent matching to fill dropped shifts.

In this episode ‘Our Philosophy of Shifts Working’, we talked about the following:

·        Static staffing isn’t broken, but dynamic staffing is more likely to be what you need – and there’s a simple calculation to work that out.

·        There’s an important role for temp agencies but it’s more important to build your own bank of staff.

·        If you’re not planning for the unexpected, expect a lot of panic planning.

Let’s make shifts happen!

Learn more about the content discussed in this episode:

-         Visit HireHand website here.

-         Connect with Scott Erwin through his LinkedIn here.

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