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Episode #4: Vaccination Kickstarts Collaboration and a Flexible Team - with Dr. Richard Berkley

Season 1, Ep. 4

Welcome to Episode #3 of Shifts Happen with Dr. Richard Berkley MBChB, DCH.

Dr. Berkley has been a Partner and GP at The Orchard Medical Centre since 1995. He went to Medical School and Post Graduate Training in Sheffield and qualified in 1991. He has also gained experience from working abroad in India and New Zealand. Since 2019 he has been Clinical Director of Network 4 Primary Care Network representing over 68,000 patients in a

group of 4 practices in Bristol and South Glos.

In this episode, Dr. Berkley and I talk about:

·        Plan for the long term even if something appears to be a short term ‘urgent’ response (turns out the vaccine rollout won’t be short term but it may have looked like that at the start) - short term goodwill won’t build long term sustainability

·        Build something ‘outside’ of business as usual with additional staff that can support existing staff to form a flexible pool you can use ongoing - this will prevent burnout of your current staff who may be able to help short term but in the long term that isn’t sustainable.

·        Think ‘flexible’ from the outset - find volunteers and hire part time staff who can complete shorter, more manageable shifts instead of hiring full time.

·        Where possible manage supply… use stock effectively, keep shifts short and manageable and from a big enough pool of workers so you can keep the ‘factory’ open every day.

·        Look at what new opportunities this brings - while the initial effort may have been significant and hard (financial figuring out, legal landscape to navigate, IT to set up) now it’s done, look ahead to where this new collaboration across teams can help everyone. Fuelled by urgency, look at the long-term benefits too.

Learn more about the content discussed in this episode:

·        Connect with Dr. Berkey via LinkedIn here.


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