Growing Through Grief


For the Shattered Heart | Meditate on This

Ep. 29
A few days ago, I met a young lady at the park. She had experienced the loss of her mother, and the words she used to describe how she felt inspired this episode. She shared her anguish, and among other things, she said she felt her heart shattered. These two words, shattered heart, are a combination none of us should have to use to describe how we feel, and still, sometimes, it is the truth.In this episode, we talk about the challenging task of picking up the tiny parts of a shattered heart. We explore some valuable techniques we can use to navigate this kind of excruciating pain, accelerate the recovery of losing a loved one, and use that momentum to grow. I also talk about the two things I shared with this young lady to help her deal with heart grief, and at the end, I offer a simple yet powerful meditation session.Tune in and listen to episode 29 of Growing Through Grief and learn about what can be done when we feel our heart is shattered into tiny pieces.In This Episode, You Will Learn:The lady with the shattered heart. Her pain and the wounds she was dealing with (2:24)What feelings come to mind when we hear those two words combined: shattered heart (5:53)The power of creating space (6:15)How being curious can help us go through pain (7:46)What are our options when we don't have anyone around to ask for help (10:59)A quick, short and sweet, and powerful meditation session (14:09)Let's Connect!FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedInWebsiteFacebook Group - Growing Through Grief Together

Anticipatory Grief | End of Life

Ep. 28
Although all of us know deep down in our hearts that our parents will leave us at some point, it is still hard to deal with their loss. It is a tough call, even for grief and trauma specialists who have the tools to deal with grief more gracefully than someone unprepared.Visiting us today is the amazing Professor Theresa Agostinelli, a Certified Mental Health and Wellness Coach, Speaker, Teacher, Certified Psychotherapist, and a Trauma Recovery specialist. She is also CEO, Licensed Psychotherapist, and Professor at Glen Mills Coaching and Consulting, and Speaker, Coach, and Teacher at John Maxwell Team.Professor Theresa's mother is in the final stage of her life after battling for a couple of years with dementia. In this show, she kindly shared how she and her family are dealing and getting ready with her mother's transition. We go through the importance of dealing with trauma and grief to prevent some conditions, learning to accept and forgive, and human's need for looking for meaning in every life event. Theresa also talked about the interesting concept of developmental stages of grief and why it is essential to acknowledge the different ways people grieve at different ages.Tune in and listen to episode 28 of Growing Through Grief and take a close look at anticipatory grief and the best way to get ready for a loved one's transition.Some Questions I Ask:Would you like to share a little about yourself and then share a compelling grief story? (2:42)How does someone with your background deal with the transition of her mother? (5:40)In my mind, trauma happens first, then we grieve, and if we don't heal the grief, it could lead to mental illness. What's your perspective on that? (9:54)In This Episode, You Will Learn:What are some of the tools Professor Theresa is using to deal with her mother's transition (7:28)How can we transform grief into temporary suffering and not a chronic pain that sticks with us (13:18)How powerful acceptance and forgiveness can be (16:25)What are the developmental ages of grief (20:54)Resources:Glen Mills Coaching & Consulting websiteConnect with Theresa:LinkedInInstagramFacebookLet's Connect!FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedInWebsiteFacebook Group - Growing Through Grief Together

Grief Moments | 5 Ways to SHIFT Instantly

Ep. 27
For the last couple of weeks, we've been talking about grief during holidays and how hard it is to go through the celebrations season without our loved ones. Today, we touch on this topic again, but from a new perspective; we look at it from a spiritual point of view.In this episode, continuing our series about grieving through holidays, we get access to a new tool to help us decide how we want to go through them. I believe that no one should grieve alone, so staying connected with those who can provide support is crucial to help us navigate through significant loss. Throughout this show, we discover S.H.I.F.T, the tool that will help us surrender to higher intelligence, whether we call it God, light, or love, and learn how to shift unwanted emotions during the holidays.Tune in and listen to episode 27 of Growing Through Grief and learn to use this powerful tool that will help you deal with significant loss during the holidays.In This Episode, You Will Learn:How to restore trust in the divinity that lives within ourselves (2:54)We can decide today what to do with unwanted emotions during the holidays (6:09)The four commitments that will make the difference when applying the S.H.I.F.T tool (7:55)What is the S.H.I.F.T tool, and how it can help us surrender to a higher self (12:01)Why we must learn to stop suppressing our feelings (24:18)Let's Connect!FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedInWebsiteFacebook Group - Growing Through Grief Together

Holidays and Grief | 7 Steps to INSPIRE Ourselves

Ep. 26
Whether we are ready or not for the next seasons of life, they will happen. As we mentioned in the previous episode, nature's cycle never stops; it works tirelessly to prepare for the next step, creating space, and embracing newness. Nature is a harsh teacher; if we look at it, what needs to happen for life to continue will happen. But, nature is also an endless source of inspiration. So, with a new season upon us, right at the start of the month, where festivities and family connections are happening all around us, what can we do to inspire ourselves?In this episode, my mission is to gift you some tools to find inspiration so you can keep growing through the holidays without your loved ones. As I usually do, I created an acronym for the word INSPIRATION meant to help you get invigorated, keep going forward, and never stop growing. We learn how to create an "I am" statement to help us affirm a truth we can use when going through hard times. We also talk about embracing what is new, creating space for it, sticking to a plan, getting curious about our feelings, returning to our wholeness, expressing our emotions, and much more.Tune in and listen to episode 26 of Growing Through Grief and get some tools you'll need to feel inspired despite negative emotions, grief, and the sadness you might feel during the holidays.In This Episode, You Will Learn:What can you do if you feel you are not ready for life's next season (3:19)The more I let go, the more I grow (5:51)The spirit inside of inspiration (8:27)Choosing the emotions that will lead our journey (10:29)Remember to be spacious and gracious with yourself (15:03)Always remember your "I am" statement, and use it as many times as you need (19:13)Let's Connect!FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedInWebsiteFacebook Group - Growing Through Grief Together

Rebirthing After Losing of A Loved One

Ep. 25
As I enjoyed the beautiful, colorful spectacle of Autumn, my mind got caught on nature's perfect life cycle. Let's look at the trees, for instance. They let go of the leaves that will inevitably die during Winter; they release them on the floor so they can nurture their own roots. It is during Autumn that they start getting ready for Winter's dark and cold times. They create space and get ready for the growing season of Spring, right before they gloom as hard as they can during the Summer.It occurred to me that we can use nature's wisdom in our lives, and more specifically, in our relationships with grief.In this episode, we talk about Autumn, loss, grief, and holidays. We go through the importance of getting our minds ready to spend the following holidays, perhaps the first ones for many people, without our loved ones. We talk about our thoughts, the places we decide to visit with our minds, and the things we have the power to decide in advance. Also, inspired by nature's life cycle, I decided to play a bit and created a Growing Through Grief acronym for Autumn.Tune in and listen to episode 25 of Growing Through Grief and get inspired by nature; start preparing today for Winter, make space to grow, and decide what kind of holidays you'll have.In This Episode, You Will Learn:The perfect time to reflect, replenish our souls, and refresh our minds (2:31)Now is when we get to decide how to move through grief during holidays (5:27)What it means to be in alignment and understanding the truth we tell ourselves about what happened (7:27)Why it is crucial we get underneath that truth (9:40)The importance of building a community (12:29)Let's Connect!FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedInWebsiteFacebook Group - Growing Through Grief Together

Nothing Else Matters | When It's Time to Go

Ep. 24
The level of anxiety and anguish we see in the world today is undoubtedly amongst the higher in history. New issues that threaten the normal flow of the world come up daily, and things don't seem like they'll get better any sooner. Still, even though we can barely do something about them, we can brighten our days simply by choosing what we focus on. Our guest, Darla Nelson, brought this idea up; she guides her life by the belief that what we focus on expands.Darla Nelson is a Transformational Coach specialized in helping others to transform their thoughts to heal their lives, health, and relationships. She is a certified Life and Health Coach from the Health Coach Institute. She also holds a Time Line Therapy and an NLP Neuro-Linguistic Program Certificate from the Genius Unlocked Coaching Institute.Today, we had a wonderful conversation about the power of focusing on the things that we are grateful for, the things that make us feel good and doing our best to get away from negative thoughts. Darla kindly shared the most profound, painful grief moment of her life, how it affected her professional and personal life, and what tools she used to cope with and grow through that grief. We also talk about the power of letting go, being vulnerable, and accepting the things life gives us, even when they are not so nice.Tune in and listen to episode 24 of Growing Through Grief and get to know better this amazing, resourceful, and resilient woman, Darla Nelson.Some Questions I Ask:As a health coach, share with me what is personal or with your clients; how has anxiety shown up in your life? (5:01)Could you share with us your most painful grief event? (8:32)How did you support your mom? And how did you support yourself throughout the process of losing your father? (14:08)In This Episode, You Will Learn:What we focus on expands. Changing what we focus on can make our days and our life better (6:10)You can do whatever you want, it doesn't matter to me anymore. The beginning of a prolonged grief journey for Darla (9:34)Waking up in a wet pillow. The moment Darla realized she needed to let her father go (16:05)What supported and helped Darla grow after the loss of her father (19:43)Resources:Darla Nelson websiteConnect with Darla:LinkedInInstagramFacebookLet's Connect!FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedInWebsiteFacebook Group - Growing Through Grief Together

Compassionate Grief

Ep. 23
The last couple of years were tough on all of us; in addition to the imposed restrictions, many of us had to deal with loss, pain, and heartbreaks. The forced isolation we've been sent into created a lot of time to be with ourselves, causing us to deal with the pain we pushed for years, even for decades. But there is a path we can choose to help us heal, the path of compassion. Regardless of where we are in our grief journey, compassion is ours whenever we feel ready to receive it.In this episode, we talk about compassionate grief, a topic that warms my heart the moment I hear of it. We explore the meaning and purpose of compassionate grief, how we can provide it to others and ourselves, how we can use it to heal, grow, and help others do the same. We also go through the different ways to show compassion and why it is a crucial part of healing. I also offer three options to consider to help us understand the power of compassionate grief and much more.Tune in and listen to episode 23 of Growing Through Grief and learn about this amazing healing resource that will help you be more kind to yourself and more understanding about your pain.In This Episode, You Will Learn:We can experience self-compassion in times of grief and pain (3:41)The different ways to show compassion (4:54)What is compassionate grief, and how it can help us (6:39)There can be no trust without compassion (8:19)A few options to consider to embrace compassionate grief (11:19)How compassionate grief can take us to the truth of who we really are (16:49)Let's Connect!FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedInWebsiteFacebook Group - Living and Growing Through Grief

Kayla Michael | Growing Through Positivity

Ep. 21
It doesn't matter how much we fight it; we have no control over what happens to or around us. What we can control, however, is our experience of it. We have the power to decide how we navigate what is happening around us; we can choose to grab the reins and take control.Visiting us today is the inspiring Kayla Michael; she is a writer, a former military member, and a mother. Kayla's resilience is out of the charts; she endured paralysis, homelessness, memory loss, and she is currently fighting against a massive brain tumor in her brainstem. After one of the many surgeries she went through, Kayla woke up paralyzed, so she had to relearn to walk, which she did. Doing lots of meditation and positive affirmations, she keeps pushing forward, grabbing life by the lapels, and focusing on her only job: getting better.When she was born, Kayla's parents were teenagers; her mother decided to leave, so she was raised by her father, a 20 years old boy who did a great job and created an unbreakable bond with her.Our conversation revolves around Kayla's bulletproof optimism, strength, and resilience. We talk about some of the countless resources she uses to stay strong and keep fighting and how she deals with her mother's absence. We talk about the relationship with her kids and grandparents, Kayla's future goals and projects, the meaning of grief, and much more.Tune in and listen to episode 21 of Growing Through Grief and receive some of Kayla's endless strength and courage through her story.Some Questions I Ask:Tell us a bit about how you started in this beautiful life (3:08)You said your father raised you, and he struggled a lot. Could you share a little about that? (5:25)Do you have others to communicate with and express your true feelings? (14:12)All of that positivity you just shared with us, how do you instill that in your kids? (21:54)In This Episode, You Will Learn:About one of Kayla's first lessons in life, survival (5:14)How Kayla doesn't want to be treated, and how she makes sure people don't pity her (11:01)About Kayla's gratitude practices and staying in permanent touch with her grandparents (13:54)She chooses not to live in sorrow but somewhere else (20:35)A bit about Kayla's projects, the books she is writing, and her blog (25:31)Kayla's take on meditation and a piece of useful advice for those struggling to meditate (33:51)Let's Connect!FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedInWebsiteFacebook Group - Living and Growing Through Grief