Growing Through Grief

Join Your host, Diana Curtis for a weekly sprinkle of inspiration, grace and personal greatness.Diana knows from personal experience that Grief Matters!After losing her MoM, the ebb and flow of grief was constant in her

Aurea McGarry | How to Move Through Life Without Mom

Ep. 4
After escaping from domestic abuse and going through a contentious divorce, Aurea was informed that her mother had three more weeks to live. She had already lost her father when she was a teenager, murdered by mobsters, but it was the loss of her mother, almost 15 years later, that put her on her knees. She experienced an arduous grief process and learned that it is essential to have ongoing resilience, live day by day and to the fullest every single moment of our lives.Aurea McGarry is an Emmy Award-Winning TV Show Host, Producer, and Director. She serves as a judge for the Emmy Awards and the Board of Governors. Aurea is a Speaker, Emcee, Founder of the Live Your Legacy Summit event series and Aurea McGarry Productions. She is also the Author and Co-Author of 8 Self Help Books.In 1999, Aurea was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. She got half of both lungs removed, her thymus gland, the lining around her heart; they disconnected half of her diaphragm, and they also removed the left nerve to her vocal cord. She was told her voicing would be limited to a soft whisper. However, she fought for her recovery and promised that if she got her voice back, she'd use it to be the voice of good news and spotlighting good in people.In this episode, we talked about Aurea's journey of growth by grieving her mother's death. She kindly shared her story and the challenges she faced during such hard times. We talked about the different levels of grief and how they're different in each one of us. We talked about the timeframe for healing and the importance of reaching out and looking for a community of liked-minded individuals who can help soften the pain of a significant loss.Tune in and listen to this episode of Growing Through Grief, and learn about Aurea's fantastic story of growth, faith, and unbreakable willpower.Some Questions I Ask:Please, would you share with our listeners one of your most painful losses? (2:11)How did it feel for you to be in that period of loneliness, having lost your mom after coming out of domestic violence situation? (15:13)What was one thing that took you the longest to learn? (25:03)What are you up to now? And how are you serving the world? (30:40)In This Episode, You Will Learn:A knife in the heart. How painful was Aurea's experience losing her mother after her divorce (4:01)The timeframe of healing. Why we start feeling less pain with time (8:10)The wounds of isolation and separation. How hard it was for Aurea to live in silence and alone with her daughter (15:03)It is never too late. Aurea talks about her Emmy award (22:09)Connect with Aurea:WebsiteLinkedInInstagramYouTubeFacebookTwitterPinterestLet's Connect!FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedInWebsite

The Day We Choose to Stop Struggling with Separation and Disconnection

Ep. 3
We already spoke about the importance of grieving and not being afraid of experiencing pain; when we are going through tough times, we can help ourselves by grieving with purpose, looking forward to moving through the sorrow, and meeting ourselves on the other side. We need to take a minute to find ourselves, understand what just happened, what is happening, have some sense of control, and know that we will find ourselves ready to love and be loved again.In this episode, we will discuss how grief can take us to different places as long as we are ready to experience it being present and aware. We will dive deep into how grieving with purpose can help us walk through doors we never thought we would, and we will also analyze mind grabbing, how it might look like a solution, and what we can do to avoid it. Finally, we will talk about separation during and before the pandemic and judging others as a form of suffering.Tune in and listen to this episode of Growing Through Grief, and let's walk together on this journey of grieving with a purpose.In This Episode, You Will Learn:Grief lets us go through doors we never thought we will go through (4:13)Why is critical to grieve with a purpose (6:47)Mind grabbing and the things we can control (9:01)The separation before the pandemic and being forced to be alone with ourselves (14:26)We can't give to others what we don't have (17:42)Let's Connect!FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedInWebsite

The Growth Pathway Through Grief

Ep. 1
I’m Diana Curtis and welcome to the Growing Through Grief podcast. I’d love for you to sit back, take a nice cleansing breath, and join me for a weekly sprinkle of education and inspiration. I want you to let me be your champion for growth.I’m a mother of three, grandmother of five, and a Georgia native. After the loss of my own mother at a very young age, I spent years struggling with feelings of mistrust, abandonment, isolation, and betrayal. I'm here to teach you how to normalize, recognize, and use grief as a tool for growth, not suffering.Today, I’d like to introduce you to my own struggles with grief, my quest to find who I truly am, and the awakening that brought me to you. Let me share with you my story of love, loss and my own growth pathway through it all.Tune in and listen to the first episode of Growing Through Grief. Join me and get ready to receive the tools, principles, and skills you need to achieve the moment of lift that brings you from pain to gratitude. Gratitude to finding meaning in life after your loss. In This Episode, You Will Learn:A little about why I started this podcast at this point in time (01:45)A bit about my background and my personal experience with grief (04:39)An example of how hurt people hurt people (08:30)About the coping mechanisms I was using for my grief (10:47)How I began my journey as a spiritual life coach and grief recovery specialist (15:30)What you should expect going forward? (18:16)Let’s Connect!FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedInWebsiteResources mentioned:Dr. Iyanla Vanzant