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Passover Brings Special Products for GF Community

Season 1, Ep. 1182

A new demographic of consumers has embraced Passover products: people with Celiac disease and gluten intolerance issues. Hear about a well-recognized brand and their new philosophy about their gluten free products!

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  • 1198. Allergen Free Sunscreen List 2024

    Check out this list from Allergic Living of the Best Allergen Free sunscreens for 2024:
  • 1198. Going Out to Eat? You Pick the Place

    A recently published study showed that when people speak up about when someone asks "Where should we eat?" they are more likable. Find out why this is a win-win for us!
  • 1196. Emergency Recall: Organic Aussie Bites

    Emergency product warning for Best Express Foods Organic Aussie Bites. From Gluten Free Watchdog:Last week Gluten Free Watchdog tested Aussie Bites. They tested well above 20 parts per million of gluten. The best by date for the product tested by Gluten Free Watchdog is 6/16/24. We alerted both GFCO (the certifying organization) and the manufacturer. Today, GFCO issued a safety alert for this product (08/01/24 BEF2 113 04 24). Please note that the two best by dates are different. It is the recommendation of Gluten Free Watchdog that you not eat this product. Gluten Free Watchdog has moved the report for this product to the public side of the website. Please see the left hand side of the page at Please reach out to GFCO with any questions about their safety alert.
  • 1195. Celiac Treatment on the Horizon with Alessio Fasano, MD

    On today's Celiac Project Podcast: Mike and Cam are so excited to welcome Doctor Alessio Fasano.Dr. Fasano has a lot of optimism about the future of celiac treatment and diagnosis. In this special Celiac Awareness Month episode, Dr. Fasano shares his reflections from the past 10 years on celiac disease, and sheds light on what types of treatments to manage the disease will be realistic in the near future. Plus he shares his knowledge about how personalized medicine is the best way to treat celiac patients more effectively and with better results.You can watch this incredible episode on YouTube!Listen here:
  • 1194. Step Beyond Celiac 2024

    The Step Beyond Celiac 5K race is an incredible opportunity to support Beyond Celiac and raise awareness for celiac disease. You can walk, run, skip, push a stroller, whatever way you'd like to complete 5K (3.1 miles) and do it anywhere. The only rule: complete it before May 31st!By registering and fundraising for this event, you can make a significant impact on the lives of those living with this serious autoimmune disorder. The funds raised through this event will be used to support Beyond Celiac research efforts to improve the quality of life for individuals with celiac disease.Info and registration here:
  • 1193. A Special Mother's Day Message

    Happy Mother's Day to all of the special Moms listening.
  • 1192. What to Eat When You're Glutened

    Getting exposed to gluten is no fun and can happen to any of us despite our best efforts.Here are some tips that might be helpful for recovery following a gluten exposure.
  • 1191. NEW: Gluten Free Chips Ahoy cookies are here!

    Launching this month, the Chips Ahoy! brand is unveiling its first-ever certified Gluten Free chocolate chip cookie. They're being sold on Walmart online but will be available on store shelves soon!