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Season 1, Ep. 1197

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  • 1207. Paper Straws - Should We Worry About Gluten?

    Paper straws are popular as we become more focused on sustainability. Podcast listener Stacy Wilz wondered if they're safe after seeing the question in a Facebook group.Gluten Free Watchdog has tested paper straws in the past and has stated: “there is no evidence that paper straws contain wheat starch.”Obviously, there are straws to avoid:• Straws made from wheat or rye straw (these are the stems of the wheat or rye plant, the stem does not naturally contain gluten, however there is a very high risk of cross-contact, stay tuned for test results on wheat straws.)• Pasta straws• Cookie strawsPlease reach out if you have any podcast topics you'd like me to cover:
  • 1206. Getting the Support You Need

    On the latest Celiac Project Podcast, Mike and Cam have their pressing questions answered by Dr. Benjamin Lebwohl and Dr. Alessio Fasano! Plus, GI psychologist, Dr. Elyse Bedell, also shares great information on dealing with the psychological and social effects of celiac, and some tips to help you navigate emotions when times get tough.Here's a link to the full episode:
  • 1205. Lights, Camera, Cure

    In a few nights, on Thursday June 13th, I’ll be celebrating the tremendous work of Beyond Celiac in Philadelphia.Can you join me? Or support from afar? Special honorees include: The Snider Foundation the Today Show’s Dylan Dreyer, and Dan Leffler, MD, MS, AGAF.To purchase tickets or support the honorees, please visit
  • 1204. A Gluten Free Hotel in Italy!

    The Hotel Fenice in Milan, Italy is the first 100% gluten free hotel in Romagna. Every meal they serve is gluten free, including special theme nights! Check out this special place here:
  • 1203. What Food Can You Bring on a Plane?

    What food is permissible to carry on to a flight? Listen for all the details!Double-check that the food item that you want to fly with isn’t in the TSA list of prohibited items. If still in doubt, try the “What Can I Bring?” feature on the MyTSA app and website, or snap a photo of the item and send your question directly to the TSA via Twitter (@AskTSA), Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat (AskTSA), or text ‘Travel’ to AskTSA (275-872). 
  • 1202. Aussie Bites No Longer Certified Gluten Free

    The Gluten Intolerance Group’s Gluten-free Certification Organization (GFCO) has made the decision to withdraw certification from Best Express Foods, Inc., the umbrella company to Universal Bakery (BEF/Universal Baking), and the producer of “Aussie Bites” and other products. This decision comes after a thorough investigation in the U.S. and Canada of BEF/Universal Baking’s “Aussie Bites” following a safety alert that was issued on May 15, 2024, revealing positive test results for gluten in excess of the FDA threshold. 
  • 1201. It's a Celiac Awareness Party

    Today on the Celiac Project Podcast:They did it, it's Show 400! They decided to make it a special Celiac Awareness Party and have incredible surprise guests checking in. So many guests that 400 is the first of a 2 part show. Mike and Cam also reminisce and have a toast with a twist on an old favorite. Don't miss this special show!Listen here:
  • 1200. You Are Not Alone: Managing the Psychosocial Burden of Celiac Disease

    Beyond Celiac's May Virtual Town HallYou Are Not Alone: Managing the Psychosocial Burden of Celiac DiseaseMany with celiac disease often report feeling isolated, awkward, and disheartened as they navigate the world on a gluten-free diet. There are tools you can use to maneuver the social landscape and cope with the burden of a chronic illness.Guest Dr. Anava Wren, a Pediatric Celiac Psychologist, discusses her work on the social and psychological impacts of celiac disease, and hear her top tips for combatting that isolation.WHEN: May 31, 11 am ET / 8 am PTWHERE: VirtualWHO: Beyond Celiac, guest Dr. Anava WrenCOST: FreeRegister here:
  • 1199. Allergen Free Sunscreen List 2024

    Check out this list from Allergic Living of the Best Allergen Free sunscreens for 2024: