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A Gluten Free Hotel in Italy!

Season 1, Ep. 1204

The Hotel Fenice in Milan, Italy is the first 100% gluten free hotel in Romagna. Every meal they serve is gluten free, including special theme nights! Check out this special place here:

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  • 1116. If You're Vegan and Gluten Free, Make Sure You Have These Nutrients

    If you're vegan or vegetarian the most important thing is to make sure you get all the nutrients you need. As long as the diet is well planned and varied, it can meet nutritional needs.According to Registered Dietician Katarina Mollo, the main nutrients of concern with these diets are:• vitamin B12• vitamin D• omega-3 fatty acids• calcium• iron• zinc (2)Main nutrients of concern with GF diets:• low fiber• high fat• more sugar and high fructose corn syrup• low in certain vitamins and minerals:◦ B vitamins◦ Calcium◦ Magnesium◦ Iron◦ Zinc
  • 1115. Facebook Fallacy Friday: Caution with Restaurant Recommendations

    Facebook Fallacy Friday: a statement that a restaurant did not make a diner sick with their gluten free menu item is not enough to make an informed decision. Statements like "I ate there with no problem" need to be qualified with more information about protocol, knowledge, etc.
  • 1114. Living with Celiac in India

    On this week's Celiac Project Podcast, Mike and Cam are excited to welcome fashion designer, Richa Ranawat, all the way from India. Richa shares her incredible story of immense suffering all while desperate to find answers before finally being diagnosed with celiac disease. Along the way, she was diagnosed with other auto-immune conditions and allergies. After seeing 35 doctors and struggling with a myriad of symptoms, she finally started to get answers. Richa takes us on her journey of trauma, self discovery, and an unwavering resilience as she fights for her safety at every turn. In addition to listening to the podcast here:, you can watch it (along with captions) on YouTube:
  • 1113. A Scary Report about GF Food That Isn't All It Seems

    A few weeks ago, a group called Moms Across America (MAA) published a report that some popular gluten-free packaged foods contained high levels of glyphosate.Also in the report was a separate claim that a few certified gluten-free packaged foods also contained levels of gluten higher than 20 parts per million (ppm), the upper limit of the amount of gluten for a product to be considered gluten free.Health Writer Christina Heiser breaks down the holes in the report, including red flags around why there's a hidden agenda that might not be obvious at first glance.You can read her article here:
  • 1112. Southwest Airlines Drops the Ball for the Gluten Free Community

    Southwest Airlines has begun serving a new snack on trips longer than 175 miles: pretzels that are free of top allergens and non-go BUT still contain gluten.
  • 1211. Summer Dessert Ideas

    Simple dishes have always been jam but even more so lately. This Key Lime Dip is the perfect cool ending to a meal or whenever you want something sweet. Bonus: It’s made with greek yogurt so it could count as breakfast 👍🏻Recipe: mix 1/2 cup of lime juice with a 32 oz container of plain greek yogurt and 7 oz. (1/2 can) of sweetened condensed milk. Chill for at least 2 hours. Serve with graham crackers or fruit for dipping.
  • 1210. Facebook Fallacy Friday: Fake Gluten Free Menu Items

    If a restaurant posts their menu items are gluten free, there is a Federal Rule that they must be gluten free (meaning safe for the consumer to eat). Have you come across menus that state items are gluten free but not safe for those with Celiac? Please share your experiences at
  • 1209. Michigan Roadtripping

    On today's Celiac Project Podcast:Mike and Cam both embarked on recent trips to Michigan at the same time, and they both share some interesting gluten free dining experiences. Cam finds confusion with some store bought cheese with a troubling label. Meanwhile Mike brings the family to visit a couple of college campuses, and is blown away by the gluten free and allergen free offerings at one of the schools. Grab some gluten free snacks and road trip along with the guys!Listen to the full episode here:
  • 1208. Product Warning: Market District Cereal Bowl Ice Cream Sundae

    Product warning: Market District Cereal Bowl Ice Cream Sundae distributed by Giant Eagle. This product carries a gluten-free claim yet malt is listed as a sub-ingredient of the corn flake crumbs. Gluten Free Watchdog has contacted the manufacturer. Listen to what the FDA says about malt.Info from GF Watchdog: