Garlic Marketing Show


Top YouTube Marketing Trends for 2023

Season 6, Ep. 3

Through the rise and success of TikTok marketing, it leaves everybody wondering what the next big opportunity will be to scale their brand. Shockingly, the opportunity is already here and it is one we’re all familiar with: YouTube.

With YouTube Shorts entering the scene, as well as various other trends, YouTube’s growth is exploding. Join Ian Garlic on this episode of the Garlic Marketing Show as he discusses the current 6 YouTube trends that will benefit you and your business going into 2023.

What You’ll Learn:
  • 6 of the Current Marketing Trends That Will Benefit You
  • The Explosive Growth of YouTube
  • The #1 YouTube Trend in 2023
  • The Powerful Combination with YouTube Ads
  • YouTube’s Biggest Two-Fold Opportunity: YouTube Shorts
  • How to Improve Your Google Ranking with Shorts
  • Google’s Huge Change That Affects Marketing
  • The Best Videos for YouTube’s Algorithm
  • Build A Successful YouTube Channel Using Television
  • Why 1 Million Subscribers Isn’t Always Great
  • Zigging When They Zag: Paying Attention to Trends


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