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The Ultimate Guide to Successful Project Management with Karl Sakas

Season 4, Ep. 39

Are you a project manager, or have hired a project manager, who doesn’t have a whole lot of experience or training in the role prior to being hired? You’re not alone. The task of project management can be an overwhelming nightmare, but it is a critical role within every successful agency or business. Ian Garlic talks to Karl Sakas, agency consultant and executive coach, about the project management hacks he has learned over time. Karl also explains what can destroy your sales and how to uncover issues before the start of a project.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The Hacks to Managing a Project Management Calendar
  • The Iron Triangle of Project Management
  • How to Uncover Project Issues Before the Start of the Project
  • How the Swoop and Poop can Destroy Your Sales and Projects
  • The Six Roles at an Agency
  • What to Delegate First in Your Agency

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