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Discover How To Write Award-Winning Books and Get 6-Figure Book Deals with Lisa Tener

Season 4, Ep. 35

Looking to improve content across all platforms of your business? By consistently journaling, you’ll be able to use the written content and ideas for blog posts on your website, videos, and even future products or business ventures. Ian Garlic talks with Lisa Tener, Bestselling Author & Book Coach, about the keys to writing award-winning books and how journaling can help you build up your content. Discover the dangers of not journaling and how to complete your first draft in only 8 weeks. 

What You’ll Learn:
  • The Keys to Creating Award-Winning Books
  • How QR Codes Helped One Author Win Business Books Awards
  • How to Create Better Blog Posts Using Journaling
  • Overcoming Perfection Through Journaling
  • The Danger of NOT Journaling Before Creating a Video
  • How to Complete Your First Draft in 8 Weeks

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