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2022 Fashion Brand Facebook Advertising Strategy That 5x'd a Brand's ROAS with Jessie Healy

Season 5, Ep. 14

Facebook, or should I say Meta Ads, is quickly evolving as more and more users are becoming smarter with the use of social media.

Discover how Jessie Healy, the CEO of Webtopia is rocking it and even grew a fashion brand’s ROAS to 5.2x.

Get all her tips and strategies on this episode of the Garlic Marketing Show.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The Facebook Ads Process that Gave a Fashion Brand a 5.2 ROAS 
  • Most Agencies Don’t Emphasize This Critical Step Before Advertising
  • A Simple Targeting Strategy That Works Impressively
  • The Creative Styles That Work TODAY on Facebook Advertising
  • How Your Environment Affects the Way You Strategize

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Connect with Jessie Healy:

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