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Jared Yellin on Founding a Tech Company Without Tech Experience

Season 5, Ep. 13

We’ve all had this EUREKA moment, whether we’re on a walk, in the shower, or wherever, that gives us the idea that we could be the founder of the next Facebook or Amazon.

But without the right guidance and knowledge, taking the next steps in developing these ideas seems impossible.

That’s why on this episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, the Founder of Project10K and Synduit, Jared Yellin, shares his journey on how he got started with his innovative ideas and is now helping others build their own ideas.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Failure is NOT The End Of Your Journey
  • How a Non-Tech Expert Is Planning to Found 10,000 Tech Companies in 10 Years
  • Step-By-Step Process of Developing Innovative Ideas
  • 8 Traits Every Founder Should Have

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