The Fan Engagement Pod


Daniel Lambert, COO, Bohemian FC (Dublin)

Season 1, Ep. 14
When we spoke, during lockdown, Dan was Marketing and Commercial Director, but is now Chief Operating Officer, and the important part that his vision has played which has seen Bohs recovery from their near-death in 2011, to being a widely respected institution in the Phippsborough area of the City itself, Ireland, and for people in football generally.The real secret has been the dedication and passion of the fans, not least groups like the Gypsies Supporters Trust and fans and activists like Gerry Sexton. It’s truly a joint effort.Sincerity, openness and recognising that football clubs of any type are collaborations - between those who run, own, support and sustain them - is what has led to their rebirth and growth.Key InsightsFootball clubs and those who run them are not an island, and need fans to work with them, to co-createFan Engagement is also about civic and local pride, and we need institutions like Bohemians do in their local area, to act as a focal point for thatAn obsessive focus on trophies and results is unhealthy, and doesn't build a club that is resilient, nor relationships with fans that last. Run the club as it should be run, and the effects of both winning & losing become far less extremeEpisode LinksBohemian FC:“None of us are trained in anything except kindness” can join the Fan Engagement Network at