The Fan Engagement Pod

We publish three episodes:

  1. The Fan Engagement Chat is a conversation each week between Kevin Rye with someone who works in Fan Engagement, or who brings insight to the subject
  2. Did They Ask The Fans is where we ask why fans aren't listened to, and why that needs to change. Tim Crow and Kevin Rye chat with someone about why perspective from fans don't get brought into the big decisions in clubs, marketing and other areas, and what benefit listening to them properly can bring
  3. BasChat is where Fan Engagement consultant and expert, Bas Schnater and Kevin Rye, talk about the bottom line: how do you monetise Fan Engagement but stay authentic and sincere

Sports Marketing expert Tim Crow:

Fan Engagement consultant and expert, Bas Schnater:

Think Fan Engagement works with clubs & other rights, brands and other organisations who seek to understand fans and the relationships they have with their clubs, and strongly advocating a culture of listening. We publish the annual Fan Engagement Index

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