The Fan Engagement Pod

We regular episodes, including:

  1. Conversations between Kevin Rye and a guest who works in Fan Engagement, or who brings insight to the subject
  2. BasChat, where Fan Engagement consultant and expert, Bas Schnater and Kevin Rye, talk about tactics, delivery and how you make Fan Engagement connect to Fan Experience, how you monetise without selling out. Bas Schnater is on LinkedIn at:

Find us at and join the Fan Engagement Network.

Think Fan Engagement works with clubs & other rights, brands and other organisations who seek to understand fans and the relationships they have with their clubs, and strongly advocating a culture of listening. We publish the annual Fan Engagement Index

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Theme music from Episode 46: Soul Walking by Juanitos (c) copyright 2010 (licenced under an Attribution - Partage dans les Mêmes Conditions 2.0 France

Bas Chat Music: Exotica, by Juanitos: